Stay Fit with Healthy Diet and Cardio Exercises

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We've all heard about "cardio exercise," but what exactly is it?  

Cardio exercises raise your heart rate to help develop a strong cardiovascular system by delivering oxygen to your muscles, which allows the body to burn fat during workouts and inactivity. Cardio workouts include walking, running, bicycle riding, swimming, rowing, and aerobic activities. To get the best results, you need to continuously do cardio exercises at least 20 minutes a day at least three times a week. 

Body Metabolism and Cardio Workout 

Cardio Exercise improves heart-lung efficiency and makes your body more efficient. These exercises target large muscle movement continuously, keeping your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level.  

Ironically, when you first start a cardio workout program and decrease calorie intake, you can cause your body's metabolism to slow down. This is a natural body defense mechanism to ensure adequate calories are available for normal bodily functions. Your metabolism persistently adjusts to changes in your body. To lose one pound, you must cut or burn 3,500 calories.  

Stay Fit with Healthy Diet and Cardio Exercises

Keep a Food Diary 

Before beginning any diet: 

  • Keep track of everything you eat for a few days. 
  • When you get the basic idea of how many calories you take in, find a way to cut out 500 calories daily. You can cut calories from anything you eat or drink that contains excess calories. 
  • Remember, a vigorous cardio session combined with an uncontrolled diet full of sugar and fat will not yield the results you are looking for.  

Once you set a goal, make sure to keep these things in mind: 

  • Don't let calorie intake get too low. Your body needs calories for basic functioning. 
  • Ensure that your protein intake is adequate. Protein heals muscles damaged during exercise. 
  • Mix it up with different types of cardio workouts. Aside from burning calories, each activity has different effects on the body. 
  • Choose a different pace (speed) of cardio every time. 
  • Stay motivated. Remember why you began this journey. 

Basics of Cardio Exercises 

Cardio exercises like walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, and aerobic workouts need energy from fats and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the body's immediate energy source, but healthy fat sources are also important.  

With a change in the intensity of exercise, such as an increase in speed or inclination of a treadmill, the body constantly switches between carbohydrates and fats to provide energy. This is why it is best to have adequate amounts of carbs and fats as a regular part of your diet.  

Healthy Carbs include:  

  • Whole grains 
  • Fruits 
  • Vegetables 
  • Legumes 
  • Dairy products.  

Healthy Fats include: 

  • Olive oil 
  • Avocados 
  • Nuts  
  • Peanut butter 
  • Eggs 
  • Salmon 
Stay Fit with Healthy Diet and Cardio Exercises

Also, consider the best time to eat foods that accompany your exercise schedule, as all foods are digested and metabolized differently. 

Pre- Workout 

Healthy carbs are a great pre-workout meal. But remember, carbs with high amounts of fiber take longer to digest, so be careful not to eat too much fiber just before exercise.  

Avoid eating proteins and fats before working out since they take longer to digest.  

If you have 3 to 4 hours before exercise, have a regular meal. 

Post- Workout 

20 to 60 minutes after exercise is the window to refuel and recover and the best time to consume healthy carbs and protein. The body takes 24 – 48 hours to heal muscles. If it has been more than 4 hours since your last meal, it's time to refuel. 

If you're looking for cardio products that you can use to burn calories at home, consider the Drive Exercise Peddler. This exercise machine stimulates circulation and is ideal for toning leg and arm muscles. Four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and protect the floor. It provides a safe, gentle, low-impact exercise with an attractive silver vein finish and adjustable tension knob.  

You can also check out Treadmills like the Matrix T7xe, which has a 5hp dynamic response drive system that allows continuous monitoring and easy adjustment, providing a perfect stride. The crossbar of this treadmill contains speed and incline adjustments within easy reach. It offers over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance and can be adjusted easily. 

You may also seek the expertise of a certified Professional Trainer to plan your diet with cardio. 



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