Top Ten Exercise Balls

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Exercise balls exercise tools used to strengthen the muscles and to enhance a person's balance. Strengthing the muscles and improving one's balance in turn promotes a better gait, a comfortable posture, and an overall healthier functioning of the body. Exercise balls are used in physical therapy, athletic training, and exercise but can also be used for weight training in some cases. The unstable surface of the ball forces the body to adapt and thus enhance its functioning of maintaining balance as well as executing the actions correctly.

At Rehab Store we offer a wide range of exercise balls at affordable prices. We have listed the top ten most popular exercise balls for your convenience:

Top Ten Exercise Balls

1. FitBALL SoftMeds Mini Medicine Ball

FitBALL SoftMeds Mini Medicine Ball are little, graspable, and weighted balls that are impeccably measured for the elderly, women, kids or any individual who needs a delicate, comfortable option to bulky dumbbells. These are a protected and effective approach to include upper body strength training.

Features of FitBall Medicine Ball

  • Easy to grip and safe to use
  • Sold individually
  • Made of a pliable soft vinyl
  • Ball firmness can be easily adjusted with a standard needle pump
FitBALL SoftMeds Mini Medicine Ball

2. Aeromat Posture Ball

Aeromat Posture Ball releases muscle tension and improves alignment. Sturdy and lightweight, this ball is made from heat-sealed, closed cell EVA foam, free of latex, phthalates, and BPA. The durable design allows posture ball to maintain its shape, even with heavy use while preventing moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface. Perfect for multi-user environments. It is a durable and lightweight posture ball for muscle relief and improving body alignment.

Features of Aeromat Posture Ball

  • Made from dense closed cell EVA foam
  • Great for massages, releasing muscle tension, and improved flexibility
Aeromat Posture Ball

3. BodySport Double Grip Medicine Ball

BodySport Double Grip Medicine Ball builds strength and endurance by isolating muscles, strengthens core and substitutes kettlebell workouts. It is great for performing rotational abdominal exercises and increasing the challenge of strength and conditioning routines. It is made of hardmolded PVC with filler and wont bounce.

Features of BodySport Double Grip Medicine Ball

  • Double handles and textured surface of that ensures balls are easy to hold
  • Provide a no slip grip for control during drills
  • Use of dual grip balls increases joint integrity, range of motion, and flexibility when used for swings and rotational movements
BodySport Double Grip Medicine Ball

4. FitBALL Sensory Ball

FitBALL Sensory Ball is soft and has bumps. The bumpy surface offers sensory stimulation for self-massage and stretching. It is an extraordinary solution for individuals who experience back pain and tension from time to time. It helps to prevent chronic back issues and restricted body movement.

Features of FitBall Sensory Ball

  • FitBALL Sensory Ball comes in a poly bag
  • Latex-free
  • Color: Yellow
FitBALL Sensory Ball

5. FitBALL Body Therapy Balls

FitBALL Body Therapy Balls offer optimum support and comfort while providing steady counter-pressure. Three balls of decreasing size are offered for increasing challenge. Needle pump required.

Features FitBall Body Therapy Balls

  • Great for sports medicine or physical therapy
  • Needle pump required
  • Diameter: 5”, 6”, 7”
FitBALL Body Therapy Balls

6. CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball With Stability Feet

CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball With Stability Feet has balanced out feet that keep the ball from rolling when not being used. When in use, the weight of the individual causes the feet to withdraw into the ball so it can work like some other inflatable exercise ball. Non-slip surface is ribbed for additional security. It can be under inflate to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflate for a firm, bouncy feel.

Features CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball

  • Can support up to 300 lb
  • For use with children or adults
  • Requires inflation pump to inflate (not included)
  • Comes in a polybag
CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball With Stability Feet

7. CanDo Donut Exercise Ball

CanDo Donut Exercise Ball offers a unique balance challenge. The shape offers benefits of a balance ball including core strength and balance improvement. It can be used by children or adults for sitting, kneeling and exercise. Can be used as a dynamic prop for mat exercises and is perfect for sensory play.

Features of CanDo Donut Exercise Ball

  • More stable than a traditional exercise ball but provides many of the same benefits
  • Shape offers unique balance challenge for core strengthening
  • Perfect for sensory play
  • Can Support up to 300 lbs
CanDo Donut Exercise Ball

8. Imak Ergo Stress Ball and Hand Strengthener

Imak Ergo Stress Ball and Hand Strengthener is ideal for isometric hand strengthening and hand rehabilitation. It features ergo beads filling that provides a gentle massage, while comfortably enabling fingers to stretch and strengthen. It is also great for managing and healing scar tissue in user hands. ErgoBeads are little plastic beads with a special smooth coating.

Features Imak Ergo Stress Ball

  • Made of soft cotton lycra which is soft and cool against skin
  • Increases blood circulation, thus promoting healthy muscle tissue
  • Provide optimal comfort to wrists and hands
  • Gives relief from headache and neck pain
  • Washable
  • Latex-free
Imak Ergo Stress Ball and Hand Strengthener

9. CanDo Inflatable Regular Exercise Balls

CanDo Inflatable Regular Exercise Balls are utilized to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun. They are used by pediatric and NDT therapists as a guide for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy, by fitness professionals as an aid for stretching and strength programs, as seats, and even by pregnant women in birthing classes. CanDo Balls have a non-slip PVC vinyl surface that is ribbed for extra security.

Features Inflatable Regular Exercise Ball

  • May be under inflated to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflated for a firm, bouncy feel
  • Ideal for exercise and rehabilitation treatment
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Support weight up to 300lb
  • Come in a polybag
CanDo Inflatable Regular Exercise Balls

10. OPTP Small Health Balls For Soft Tissue Release

OPTP Small Health Balls For Soft Tissue Release are set of four little massage therapy balls for delicate tissue discharge which can be utilized to restore hand and feet, lessening stiffness and pain. These balls are used to relieve tension in the areas where it builds up the most from stress, poor posture, and repetitive movements. The balls can also be placed between the knuckles to help alleviate and prevent joint stiffness in the fingers, a common result of daily stressors such as typing on a keyboard.

Features OPTP Health Ball

  • Constructed of latex-free rubber material
  • Massage sore hands and feet or roll out tight areas in the arms, shoulders and neck
  • Firm enough to provide soft tissue release and help eliminate knots throughout the body
  • Increase blood flow and hydration with soothing comfort
  • Portable size
OPTP Small Health Balls For Soft Tissue Release

Where to Buy Exercise Balls Online?

Choosing the right exercise ball includes factoring in the size and the usage of the ball. A good exercise ball can promote muscle strength and the overall fitness of the body. At Rehab Store we offer a great line of exercise balls for enhanced fitness and health at great prices.


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