5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

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What is a neck pillow? 

Bad posture is a serious cause of chronic or acute neck and back pain, often escalating into severe physical ailments. Therefore, it is essential to keep the cervical region safe and healthy. To do so, doctors and chiropractors recommend neck pillows to alleviate neck pain and associated symptoms. The specially designed pillow for neck pain creates a natural resting position for the head, maintains the lordotic curve of the spine, and provides the neck a headrest for optimal support. Find the best pillow for neck pain at Rehab Store. 

When to use a pillow for neck pain? 

Neck pillows are often used for -  

  • Traveling 
  • Sleeping 
  • Improving posture 
  • Alleviating headaches and migraine 
  • Recovery from cervical or back surgery or injury 
  • Relieving back pain 
  • Treating chronic sore throat 

5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain 

1. DR-HO's Neck Comforter 

DR-HO's Neck Comforter offers professional neck traction and stretching within the comfort of one's home. It helps reduce neck, shoulder, and hand tension and relieves headaches. The neck comforter helps stretch and relax the shoulder and neck muscles while improving spinal posture. DR-HO's neck pillow for neck pain decompresses the spinal disc joints, improves circulation, and harnesses air power to provide consistent and reliable traction for the neck and shoulders. There are several reasons why this neck pain pillow is considered the best pillow for neck pain on the market. 

Interestingly, this device was developed by Dr.Ho after hands-on experience treating patients in his clinic. It has also been adapted to be convenient for use at home or on the go.  

Why choose DR-HO's Neck Comforter? 

  • Powerful but safe 
  • Quick-acting neck pillow 
  • Painless neck traction 
  • Portable pillow for stiff neck 
  • Affordable therapeutic pillow 

2. Core Basic Cervical Support Pillow 

Core Basic Cervical Support Pillow soothes tired neck and back and supports the neck in its most natural position. This neck pillow conforms to the neck's curvature, allows the user to fully relax, and fits a standard pillowcase. Core Basic Neck Support Pillow can help alleviate tension headaches and neck pain and can help promote healing for individuals recovering from neck injury or surgery. The different styles and shapes of Core Basic neck pillow for sleeping help relieve intense pain by providing correct and natural posturing in supine and side-sleeping positions. 

Core Basic Neck Pillow for neck pain is used to help relieve spasms, maintain or resume the natural cervical lordotic curve while at rest, and remove minor tensions from the cervical region. 

Why choose Core Basic Cervical Pillow? 

Core Cervical Neck Pillow helps with -  

  • Neck muscle and joint strains and sprains  
  • Tension headaches 
  • Whiplash injuries  
  • Arthritis  
  • Morning hand stiffness and swelling  
  • Temporomandibular disorders  
  • Neck stiffness and snoring 

3. AT Surgical Neck Cervical Pillow 

The AT Surgical Neck Cervical Pillow is considered one of the best neck pillows and relieves neck pain and stiffness. The AT Surgical Cervical Roll supports the natural curve of the neck and spine. It is designed to alleviate pain and fatigue associated with poor posture, whiplash, muscle strain, a slipped disc, or neck injury. Neck Cervical Pillow is filled with medium-resiliency foam that remains supportive after use. 

The neck pillow for sleeping helps prevent the development of neck pain and avoids the chances of the existing neck pain worsening. 

Why choose AT Surgical Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain? 

The AT Surgical Cervical Pillow helps with -  

4. OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Roll 

OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Roll offers cervical spine support and promotes natural sleeping habits on the side or back. The OPTP orthopedic neck pillow is designed to be placed inside the pillowcase and is compatible with most conventional neck support pillows. It is more affordable than an elaborate cervical pillow and more comfortable than a restrictive cervical collar. Apart from alleviating severe neck and back pain, it also lessens and prevents neck or back pain that stems from poor sleeping posture and pressure on discs in the spine. 

This original McKenzie cervical pillow for side sleepers is constructed with low-density foam and a removable, washable cotton/polyester cover. 

Why choose OPTP Original McKenzie Chiropractic Pillow? 

The OPTP Original McKenzie orthopedic neck pillow offers -  

  • Increased sleeping comfort. 
  • Padded cushion to support the neck while sleeping. 
  • Improved cervical spine posture. 
  • Support with proper curve and alignment during sleep 
  • Healthful posture and can be personalized. 

5. Core Jackson Roll Pillow 

Core Jackson Roll Pillow, a versatile fiber-filled therapeutic pillow shaped to offer comfort and support, helps relieve neck tension, aches, and stiffness. The Core neck cushion is great for use at home or when traveling to help the body get into a comfortable, restful position. The Jackson pillow for neck and shoulder pain can also be used for gentle neck support, behind the back for lumbar support, and under or behind the knees for additional comfort when sleeping. 

Core Jackson ergonomic pillow supports a person with a stiff neck, neck pain at night, sore shoulders, or lower back pain, alongside a full-fledged therapeutic approach. 

Why choose Core Jackson Contour Pillow for Neck? 

The Core Jackson support pillow offers -  

  • Orthopedically correct sleeping posture 
  • Relief from stiffness and tension in the neck tension 
  • Usage for low back support 
  • Compact size for home or travel purposes 

When to call a doctor? 

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons opine that anybody dealing with a stiff neck or neck pain must contact a doctor if they experience -  

  • Numbness, weakness, tingling, or extreme headaches 
  • Neck pain radiating down the legs or arms 
  • Persistent pain in the neck 
  • Continuous stiffness in the neck 
  • Pain that is not caused due to a neck, shoulder, or head injury 

Where can I buy a pillow for neck pain? 

Rehab Store offers a huge collection of the best pillow for neck pain from top manufacturers that offer quick pain relief. Please consult your doctor or physical therapist to assess your condition and determine if any other treatment measures are needed, along with a pillow for neck pain. 


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