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Neck Roll Pillow: Uses

Sleep plays an important role in the well-being of a person. Neck pain can interfere with a restful night’s sleep and can adversely affect your overall health. A neck roll pillow is designed to support your cervical spine in the most natural position. It is also known as a cervical roll pillow and is used to fill the gap between your neck and shoulders. It helps alleviate neck pain and stiffness due to improper height of the pillow. Improper posture also contributes to neck pain. Neck roll pillows help in maintaining cervical lordosis (a small curve in the neck) while lying down therefore relieving neck pain.

Neck rolls are suitable only for back and side sleepers. Do not use the neck roll when sleeping on your stomach. At Rehab-store you will find a variety of cervical neck roll pillows that provide an effective, inexpensive way to support your neck. Shop for neck rolls from top manufacturers like CORE PRODUCTS, HERMELL PRODUCTS INC., BODYMED, GENEVA HEALTHCARE etc. at best prices!

Benefits of Roll Pillow For Neck

  1. Neck and back pain reduction.
  2. Aligns the neck properly in line with the spine
  3. It can be used as a travel pillow, too due to its compact size.
  4. Provides better sleep to side sleepers by filling in the gap between shoulder and neck.

How your spine looks when you sleep on a cervical Roll Pillow?

Cervical roll align your head to your spine. It bridges the gap between neck and shoulder to support your head in a natural position. For better results try keeping another roll pillow below your knees to soften your spine. It will add to your comfort and provide a restful night’s sleep.

Where to buy Cervical Roll Pillows for Neck Pain Relief online?

At Rehab-Store find an amazing array of cervical roll pillows that are meant to provide support to the head, neck and also under the back, behind the knees, and ankles. These pillows reduce neck, headaches, shoulder, and back discomfort and keep the upper body and back muscles free from tension. The memory foam pillows provide personalized support to the head and neck due to the temperature-sensitive memory foam used, which is known to conform to the body contours. Also, Try out the therapeutic gelly-roll pillow which provides both hot and cold therapy. Shop for neck rolls from top brands like McKenzie, Rolyan, Softeze and many more.

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