iReliev Pads & Leads Refill Kit for OTC Tens Device

iReliev Pads & Leads Refill Kit for OTC Tens Device

Brand/Manufacturer: IRELIEV
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  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

iReliev Pads & Leads Refill Kit for OTC Tens Device feature patented structural composition and hydrogel properties that provide the ultimate comfort in therapy. While one relax, the electrodes conduct subtle electrical impulses that help to alleviate pain and encourage soft tissue healing. These premium grade electrodes are reusable and self-adhering, providing easy application and repositioning which offers the user superior design, durability, and performance.


Pads & Leads Refill Kit Attributes

  • More Comfortable Electrotherapy Experience
  • Flexible Fabric Layer Contours Better to the Body
  • Free From Natural Latex
  • 2" x 2" Square Series

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
CM5050-4 2"x 2", Square (50 x 50 mm) 16/Pack $1.03

iReliev Pads and Leads Refill Kit Features

  • Contour Pads: The electrode pads make it easy to place on the areas of pain. With a flexible fabric layer, these pads are able to fit perfectly on the contours of the body, making the relief easy to find.
  • Electrodes are intended for single person use
  • Constructed with iReliev premium hydrogel a proven gel with uncompromising adhesion, performance and longevity
  • Multi-layer adhesive provides optimal bonding to the skin
  • Comes with pair of Leads Wires
  • Also available (separately):
    iReliev Pain Management System OTC TENS Device (Code: ET-1313)

How to use iReliev Pads and Leads?

Optimize The Life of The Pads

  • Clean the skin with an alcohol swab or use iReliev TENS Wipes to prepare the skin for electrode placement
  • Always dry the area before applying the electrode pads
  • For the purposes of hygiene, don’t share the electrode pads with other people
  • When removing the electrode pads from the skin, peel from the side of the electrode pad
  • Do not pull the electrode pad by the wire as it can easily compromise the electrode pad
  • Be sure to properly store the electrode pads after each electrotherapy session
  • Make sure to stick the pads onto the transparent plastic film provided in the pack
  • Place the film with the electrode pads back inside the poly bag and be sure to remove any excess air
  • Seal bag for storage
  • Note - Do not place around or on open wound. Do not place electrodes near heart

What's in the Pads?

  • 2mm pin connector
  • Flexible fabric layer
  • Silicone barrier
  • Controlled mesh layer for support
  • Premium patented hydrogel

How to make TENS unit Pads sticky again?

  • Care for the skin - Before each use, make sure to clean the skin with gentle soap and water. This helps remove any of the natural oils that may take away some of the stickiness on the electrode pads.
  • Clean the Electrode Pads - After each use, care for the TENS electrode pads by cleaning them with a moist cloth. If the pads are less sticky than they used to be, it may be because of dirt or oil. Be sure while using a towel or a wash cloth, and not something that can leave residue, like a paper towel. Sometimes, just a few droplets of water can help bring back some stickiness but be aware not to over saturate them.
  • Brush the Electrode Pads - One may use a clean toothbrush and gently brush the electrode pads in one direction, as though one is brushing a pet. This may help to expose some of the electrode;s stickiness.
  • Use Electrode Gels & Electrolyte Sprays - Using conductive gel can help preserve the pads moisture and act as an extra conductor for the electrical impulses for increased comfort. The same is true for electrolyte sprays. These products can help one get a little more life out of older electrode pads.

Where to place the Pads?

In order to achieve the best results from the iReliev device, one should follow proper TENS and EMS muscle stimulation pad placement pictographics that will specify an optimal way to position the user and the electrode pad during stimulation.

By Body Part

  • Ankle

  • Arm

  • Back

  • Elbow

  • Finger/Wrist

  • Foot

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Rib Cage

  • Shoulder

  • Thigh

  • Wrist

By Muscle Group

  • Abs
  • Biceps
  • calves
  • Deltoid
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Trapezius

Additional Tips

  • Electrodes are intended for single person use
  • Consult iReliev stimulator manual for proper electrode size
  • If an electrode’s gel becomes dry, re-hydrate with droplets of water
  • When not in use, always reseal electrode pads in their original package and store at room temperature
  • The use of hot and cold packs will cause an electrode’s gel to break down over time

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