EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator

EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator

Brand/Manufacturer: MED LABS, INC
  • FSA Approved

Muscle stimulators are simple to use with one hand, allowing for on/off control, active probe positioning, and current adjustment. These tools assess and manage muscle dysfunction brought on by peripheral and central nervous system illnesses. They are most frequently used to stop or delay muscular atrophy, calm muscle spasms, and retrain muscles.

EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulator Benefits

  • Improves joint pain and swelling
  • Enhances rehabilitation of muscles
  • Prevents and reveres muscle atrophy
  • Promotes tissue healing

Item # Desc Pkg Price
EMS-1C Interrupted DC Only Each
EMS-2C Interrupted DC and Pulsed Each

EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator Features

  • EMS Stimulator are ideal for facial and smaller peripheral muscles
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Use either water-soaked or conductive rubber electrodes
  • Currently limited safety
  • Active probe positioning and on-off control
  • Effective and comfortable stimulation
  • Pulsed current
  • 9V Alkaline Battery (included)

When to use an Electronic Muscle Stimulator?

What is an EMS Device?

  • The EMS device prevents and reduces the weakening and loss of muscle tone (muscle atrophy) commonly experienced after surgeries or traumatic injuries.
  • EMS is known to increase blood circulation to muscles, improve muscle flexibility and range of motion, strengthen the muscles, and enhance muscle endurance.
  • EMS pain management attributes help rehabilitate people suffering from muscle-related pain, such as spastic muscles, sore muscles, and inflexible muscles.
  • An EMS Device works similarly to a TENS Machine.
  • It hampers the sending of pain signals to the brain, enhances the production of endorphins, and makes blood circulation better.

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How to use EMS-2C Direct Current Point Stimulator?

  • Physicians and therapists prescribe these instruments to administer some of their own therapy for their patients.
  • Due to the simplicity of the units and the inherent safety of battery-powered devices (complete isolation from other equipment and the AC line voltage).
  • Permits an optimum amount of therapy, rather than that limited by the therapist's schedule and cost concerns.
  • Electronically, the circuit uses a simple but very effective current-sourced output, supplying the needed voltage to produce the set output current.

EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Interrupted DC (IDC) 0-15mA peak
Amplitude Pulsed 0-25mA peak
Pulse Rate 80 pulses per second
Pulse Width 250 µ sec, 1/2 peak duration
Weighs approximately 6 oz. (170g)


EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator Reviews

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