Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

Brand/Manufacturer: CHATTANOOGA GROUP
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  • FSA Approved

Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief System is a versatile and portable two-channel stimulator designed for use by both therapists in clinics and patients at home. This device offers effective electrical stimulation treatments for pain management (TENS) and neuromuscular stimulation (EMS/NMES). Its dual-channel functionality allows users to address pain relief and enhance physical activity concurrently. With its user-friendly design, the system empowers users to manage pain effectively while improving overall activity levels.

Chattanooga 2600-KIT Includes:

  • Continuum Lead Wires, Pin
  • Continuum User Manual & Practical Guide
  • Continuum Transportation Pouch
  • Continuum Hand Switch

Chattanooga 2600-DEV Includes:

  • Device only

Item # Desc Pkg Price
2600-KIT Chattanooga Continuum With Hand Switch Each
2600-DEV Continuum Device only Each

Features of Chattanooga Continuum Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator

Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

  • 1+1 Function: Continuum features 2 separate channels that can be managed independently. Users can select either the same program on both channels or 2 different programs to be used simultaneously
  • Individually tailorable: Continuum has 13 preprogrammed and 2 custom regimens for NMES and TENS. Modify treatment time, and waveform type (Symmetrical or Asymmetrical), pulse rates and durations (widths), cycling type, off times, channel ramp times, and on time
  • Generating a strong contraction: Continuum uses balanced waveforms that deliver muscle stimulation that is powerful whilst remaining comfortable
  • Hand switch: The handheld remote trigger can be used to easily activate stimulation, either by the clinician at a distance, or by the patient
  • Belt clip: A simple belt clip that fits over a belt or waistband
  • Kick stand: Built-in, pull-out kick stand
  • Battery powered: Continuum runs on a pair of standard AA batteries

When to use Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy?

  • This electrotherapy pain relief device is great for reeducation and activation of the muscles.
  • There are benefits to using the Continuum before and after an operation for the best therapeutic results.
  • This fitness device should be used in conjunction with exercise.
  • Common conditions to use NMES devices include total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, rotator cuff surgery, ACL reconstruction, and ankle dorsiflexion weakness.

Benefits of Chattanooga Electrotherapy System

  • Minimize Shoulder Pain: Rehabilitation therapies after rotator cuff surgery using NMES and TENS, coupled with exercise, help to minimize pain, increase local circulation, and restore flexibility - enhancing recovery.
  • Knee: Reeducate weakened muscle as a result of disuse atrophy
  • Stroke Gait Control: Continuum's optional heel switch can be used for therapeutic gait training, triggering stimulation of the muscle during contact.

What to buy with Continuum Electrotherapy System

Individual Nylatex Wrap

Individual Nylatex Wrap

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Therapy System Carry Bag

Therapy System Carry Bag

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Nylatex Wrap Assortment

Continuum Heel Switch

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How does a Chattanooga Continuum Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator

  • TENS unit effectively provides relief from pain caused by trauma or continual strain.
  • The TENS muscle stimulator for pain primarily works by breaking the cycle of pain. When in pain, our body’s natural defense response to immobilize the painful area by tightening the muscles kicks in.
  • The tightening of muscles hinders blood circulation in the affected area.
  • The decrease in the supply of oxygenated blood leads to a decrease in the rate of metabolism.
  • TENS pain management therapy (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator) breaks this cycle of pain and makes the healing process efficient.

​Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy is a process by which electrical energy is used to treat a disease or illness. The use of electricity to treat pain is an age-old method, said to have existed for more than a hundred years.

Can Electrotherapy be used in the treatment of wounds?

Yes, apparently there have been studies that have established the fact that chronic wounds can be treated by electrotherapy devices. Treating wounds with this method is said to help in the speeding up of wound healing.

How does Electrotherapy work for weight loss?

The EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device is a type of electrotherapy device that is lightweight and portable designed to deliver electrical signals through adhesive electrode pads that are placed over specific areas of the body. These devices help to get rid of cellulite, puffiness and toxins, as well as help you lose weight and inches.

How often Chattanooga Continuum Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator must be used?

Electrotherapy can be used as often as required anytime of the day.

Specifications of Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

Particulars Specification
Model Chattanooga Continuum
FDA Class II
IP class IP22
Applied part Type BF
Dimensions 1.26" (32mm) x 3.3" (84mm) x 4.5" (114mm)
Battery 2x AA batteries
Weight (with batteries) 226.8g



3 years warranty.

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