Magnetic Body Pads, Masks, and Wraps

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Body pads, masks, and wraps are one of the major mediums through which a number of therapies are applied to the healing process of a person. Whether it’s hot and cold therapy or electrotherapy or magnotherapy, these items are one of the major sources of application. Body pads are worn either with clothes and stick to the body parts. Masks are worn over the face and wraps are basically for the arms, legs or the waist.

Magnetic Body Pads, Masks, and WrapsIn a magnetic therapy small round magnets are added to the body pads, masks, and wraps. They are worn by the person and the magnetic field then works its magic. There are a number of options for a person to choose from. For example the BIOflex Circle Adhesive for Mini and Max Circle Pad is a 30-day supply for Mini and Max Circle Pad. Its rectangular and flexible design makes it ideal for curved or particularly bony areas of the body. It can be applied to the body using any adhesive tape found at your local pharmacy. It can also be held in place by affixing a piece of VELCRO brand to the other side of the magnet and wrapping with an elastic bandage.

Magnetic Body Pads, Masks, and WrapsMagnetic Body Pads, Masks, and WrapsThe Therion Elastic Comfort Wrap is made from velcro compatible, breathable elastic that remains cool and comfortable on skin. A specially designed velcro tab holds Therion magnetic pads securely in place on body where pain relief is require. Comfort Wraps are comfortable, long lasting, reusable and stretchable for adjustable fit and compression. The BIOflex Eye Mask contains two BIOflex concentric circle magnets. It is made of soft comfortable nylon and comes with two elastic straps to secure mask to the face. It is ideal for relaxation, stress, sinus problems and headaches.

Magnetic Body Pads, Masks, and WrapsThe BIOflex Magnetic Head Band is a neoprene and coolmax head band that contains three BIOflex concentric circle magnets. It secures around the head with Velcro® brand and is ideal for headaches and relaxation.



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