Trulife Lenox Hill Swedish Knee Cage

Trulife Lenox Hill Swedish Knee Cage

Brand/Manufacturer: TRULIFE
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Trulife Swedish Knee Cage is crafted to deliver support and stability to the knee joint as a preventive measure for knee injuries or to aid recovery. Constructed with a contoured metal frame, this knee cage employs adjustable straps encircling the thigh and calf to fasten the structure securely. A pivotal feature is the hinge mechanism, which permits controlled flexion and extension of the knee joint. Tailored to manage genu recurvatum, the Trulife Swedish Knee Brace comprises lightweight, easily moldable vinyl-coated aluminum.

Why choose Swedish Knee Brace ?

  • Control severe hyperextension  
  • Adjustable, posterior pressure pad 
  • Improve joint function 
  • Improve ambulation

Item # Desc Pkg Price
08668-02 Small Each
08668-04 Large Each
08668-05 X-Large Each

Features of Trulife 8668 Swedish Knee Cage

  • Designed for mild to moderate Genu Recurvatum due to plantar flexion contracture, quadriceps weakness, and hip extension weakness 
  • Trulife Lenox Knee Support provides ideal support for knee pain
  • Decrease pain symptoms and anti-inflammatory medications 
  • Improve joint function
  • Swedish Knee Brace is indicated for hyperextension of the knee due to plantar flexion contracture, quadriceps weakness, and hip extension weakness 
  • Lightweight, thermoplastic construction of the brace conforms to the anatomy of the leg
  • Adjustable 3-point pressure strap behind the knee is padded for patient comfort

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How to install and use Trulife Swedish Knee Cage?

  1. Unfasten one side of the proximal and distal straps at the snaps and slide off the uprights.
  2. The patient should be seated with the knee in flexion.
  3. Apply the brace from the posterior, centering the middle back pad to the knee.
  4. Adjust the M/L of the brace to the knee for comfort.
  5. Bring the proximal and distal straps across the front of the leg and reattach them to the uprights. The elastic portion of the straps should be against the leg.
  6. Stand the patient and observe the degree of knee extension.
  7. Adjust Lenox Hill Knee Cage if necessary.

Note: The attachment position of the back pad controls the amount of extension lock-out i.e. attachment more anteriorly provides less lock-out (more knee extension).

How to get quick relief from Knee Pain?

  • Hot and Cold Therapy:
    • Apply ice packs or cold therapy padsApply ice packs or cold therapy pads to the affected area to help reduce pain and swelling.
    • Heat therapy helps muscles relax and is suitable for muscle pain and joint stiffness.
  • Elevation Pillows:
    • Elevated knee support pillows are designed to increase circulation to the legs, relax the spine, and give users ideal knee positioning.
    • The elevated pillow helps reduce knee joints, hips, and lower back pain.
  • Foam Rollers and Massagers:
    • Foam Rollers are the best self-massage device if you suspect losing elasticity in your knee joints and connective tissues.
    • Foam roller breaks up fibrous tissue and boosts blood circulation, which helps reduce pain and provides instant relief from sore muscles.
  • Yoga:
    • Yoga is the most beneficial self-care technique to stay healthy and pain-free.
    • They also help improve the joints' flexibility and range of motion.
  • Exercises and Stretching:
    • Stretching and low-impact exercises using stretch bands, exercise balls, and aqua therapy products can strengthen the knee joints, and improve balance, range of motion, and joint coordination.
    • Losing weight is the best way to alleviate knee pain and prevent osteoarthritis in the knee.

Trulife Swedish Knee Cage Size Chart

Size Knee Circumference
Small 10" - 12" (25-30 cm) 
Medium 13" - 14" (33-35 cm)
Large 15" - 16" (38-41cm)
X-Large 17" - 18" (42-46cm)
  • Measure 10 cm · 4 in above knee center

Swedish Knee Cage Warranty

90 Days Warranty


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