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Leg elevation pillow and knee pillow offer excellent support in the reduction of circulatory problems, knee pain and low-back pain while the leg elevators elevate the heel and stretch up to the mid-calf. These leg pillows are used during surgery, physical therapy or for patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery and need to keep the leg elevated for healing. Choose from a wide range of knee and leg elevators available from top manufacturers like Hermell Products, Span America, Core Products, etc. at attractive prices!

Why is Leg Elevation Pillow used?

Leg elevators help in providing comfort to swollen legs and ankles, varicose veins, or phlebitis. They are designed in such a manner that they maintain the pelvic tilting position that eases stress on the spine and also eliminates pressure and muscle tension on the lower back. Leg extensions are constructed to provide long-lasting comfort and support to the legs. These foam leg elevators are used during physical therapy and surgeries to help patients heal faster.

Why is Knee Pillow used?

Knee elevators provide support to keep the legs in a comfortable position while lying down, promote better circulation and relieve tension from the lower back. Pressure is taken off aching knees, helping to reduce extension-related knee pain. Elevation keeps the legs above the heart level and helps reduce numbness or swelling. These foam elevators can also be used as a backrest while relaxing in bed. Knee bolsters also help alleviate lower back pain and tension. They can assist in recovery from surgical procedures, especially lower body procedures by keeping swollen areas comfortably elevated and promoting better blood circulation.

Where to buy Knee and Leg Elevation online?

At Rehab Store, we offer an extensive range of knee pillow and foam leg pillow at attractive prices from top manufacturers like Hermell Products Inc, Span America, Core Products, Essential Medical, etc. Browse through our wide collection and choose the products that best suit your requirements.

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