7 Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

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Needless to say, physical health comes to a halt with age. As one ages, it becomes less and less plausible for a normal human being to live a life of rigor. But to stay healthy, some degree of physical activity is essential for everybody and goes a long way in ensuring physical fitness, especially in older adults.  

However, choosing the right exercise equipment for seniors for routine physical activity is quintessential. Inappropriate home exercise equipment can lead to grave consequences and cause unnecessary trauma, muscle pain, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, knee pain, and other problems.  

How to choose a full body workout machine for home? 

To identify which workout equipment for home should be chosen for our elders, consider certain points, such as -  

1. Type of exercise machine 

Understanding the type of exercise machine suitable for your goals is essential. Once you know what exercise equipment befits and aligns with your fitness goals, explore the different exercise equipment for elderly.  

2. Purpose of the exercise equipment 

There are several degrees of exercise regimen, including beginner and light exercise, intermediate training, and advanced training. Your fitness goals will decide which exercise equipment for seniors is appropriate.  

3. Affordability of the desired Home Exercise Equipment 

Professional exercise equipment for seniors costs quite a lot; however, for older adults who are only concerned with maintaining their physical health and not exploring rigorous workout sessions, the workout machines are not too expensive.  

4. Portability of Exercise Equipment for Seniors 

Go for portable exercise equipment that can fit in the space or room. If you do not have large free areas for exercise equipment, look for small exercise equipment.  

5. Safety of the elderly exercise equipment 

Most small exercise equipment for seniors is safe to use. However, exercise table, dumbbells, exercise plates, senior treadmill, leg exercise machine, and other equipment may be difficult to work and maneuver and can lead to graver consequences. 

Many options in the market are efficient and safe for seniors to use and exercise effectively that burn calories, increase flexibility, rehabilitate better and improve their overall physical endurance. 

Why is exercise equipment for elderly important? 

Practicing an active lifestyle can improve the quality of life. It helps you stay fit and functional and maintain cognitive functions. Elderly exercise equipment also impacts the mental health of the exercisers positively. Regular exercise using low impact exercise equipment and a healthy diet is the way to prevent many serious diseases, especially in old age. 

7 Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors  

1. Drive Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display 

Drive Folding Exercise Peddler With Electronic Display

Drive Folding Exercise Peddler has a five-function electronic display that indicates exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (RPMs), and burned calories. The scan feature of this exercise equipment for elderly automatically displays all measurements, and the resistance is easily adjusted with a tension screw. The exercise peddler has four anti-slip rubber pads to prevent sliding and protect surfaces. Subsequently, the leg peddler is ideal for leg and arm muscle exercise and includes a button cell battery. 


Drive Folding Exercise Peddler With Electronic Display Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Drive Folding Exercise Peddler With Electronic Display


09/29/20 by Delphine J.”This is a really great product. I really like how you can adjust the strength. "

2. Armedica Firm Density Vinyl Wedge Bolster 

Armedica Firm Density Vinyl Wedge Bolster

Armedica Firm Density Vinyl Wedge Bolster has a vinyl protective coating to protect the pillow against germs, abrasion, and stains. The heavy-duty vinyl with permablok bacterial protection. Wedge Bolsters are leg exercise machines for elderly that are essentially used for several exercises of core activation. The wedge exercises help the body remain balanced and engage many muscles making them more flexible. Additionally, using the Armedica Wedge Bolster onto an unstable surface aid in achieving a greater activation of the core musculature. 


Armedica Firm Density Vinyl Wedge Bolster Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Armedica Firm Density Vinyl Wedge Bolster


03/09/22 by NALEEN L. ”Item arrived on time and was as listed, great experience overall. "

3. Thera-Band Latex Resistance Band Kits 

Thera-Band Latex Resistance Band Kits

Thera-Band Latex Resistance Band Kits are designed for upper and lower body resistance exercises and toning, conditioning, strength training, or rehabilitating major muscle groups. Resistance bands improve posture and cardiovascular fitness, increase motor function and strength, prevent falls, and decrease pain and blood pressure. Studies have shown that resistance bands offer similar strength gains to conventional gym equipment for home. Experts opine that resistance bands can strengthen your muscles as effectively as more traditional weights. 


Thera-Band Latex Resistance Band Kits Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Thera-Band Latex Resistance Band Kits


06/12/17 by Wendy L. ”We are very happy with this product! "

4. Wall Ball 

Wall Ball

Wall Ball builds dynamic strength and endurance, conditioning the muscles and joints. The wall ball is ideal for rotational movements and core exercises. Subsequently, exercisers can use this elderly exercise equipment for balance resistance and rehab exercise. The impact-absorbing design and professional-stitched construction of the wall ball make it durable, and the vinyl shell made with filler material facilitates even weight distribution. 


Wall Ball Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Wall Ball


04/02/20 by Reggie E. ”The quality is one that will last a long time after MANY uses. Thank you for the fast shipment! We were impressed so much that we ordered a second one at a different weight. "

5. Body Sport Training Rope 

Body Sport Training Rope

Body Sport Training Rope incorporates a multitude of muscles simultaneously to increase overall strength and endurance. Training rope is perhaps the simplest piece of home exercise equipment. Body Sport Training Rope is a professional-quality rope, great for performing various exercises to boost power, stamina, and grip strength. This nylon training rope is manufactured for home and commercial use in fitness facilities. The ends of the rope are capped, making them flexible, secure, comfortable, and easy to grip, and are made of durable, super-strong poly-twine. 


Body Sport Training Rope Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Body Sport Training Rope


05/09/20 by Javier G. ”I received my rope in a timely manner as promised , product appears to be of very good quality . Outing it to test now so I will write another review shortly "

6. Cuff Wrist and Ankle Weights 

Cuff Wrist And Ankle Weights

Cuff Wrist and Ankle Weights is one of the best low impact exercise equipment for seniors that contours to fit the ankle, wrist, and thigh snugly. These wrist and ankle weights have long closure straps that assure a secure and comfortable fit even during the most strenuous exercise program. The cuff ankle weights also feature heavy-duty materials and double-stitching. The cuff exercise weights are color-coded, marked with pounds and kilograms, and have grommets hanging on pegboard weight rack. 


Cuff Wrist And Ankle Weights Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Cuff Wrist And Ankle Weights


07/23/20 by Ruth H. ”Good quality. Very easy to use. "

7. CanDo Round White PE Foam Rollers 

CanDo Round White PE Foam Rollers

CanDo Round White Polyethylene (PE) Foam Rollers are ideal for positioning and balance therapy. The CanDo foam roller for legs is exercise equipment for seniors also used for postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, ranging and strengthening activities, body awareness, and coordination. The round rollers offer progressive exercise sequences. The users can graduate from an easier (smaller diameter) to a more difficult (larger diameter) roller. 


CanDo Round White PE Foam Rollers Customer Reviews

4 Star Reviews on CanDo Round White PE Foam Rollers


06/12/19 by Chris H. ”The foam was denser than I thought but otherwise a good product.  "

Where can I buy Exercise Equipment for Seniors? 

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