Top 10 Backrest Pillows for Back Pain Relief

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Backrest pillow is designed to place between your lower back and your seat. As the name suggests, they support your backbone or lumber spine and the muscles along with realigning the spine. A backrest pillow for bed can be tucked under the knees or hips while sleeping to keep your spine in the right alignment. 

With our busy schedules dealing with constant neck pain, lower back pain, and shoulder muscles becomes stressful for body and mind alike. The ever-increasing pain and discomfort due to poor seat can also lead to graver consequences. Localized back problems are largely attributed to the lumbar region, the largest vertebrae in the spine.  

Causes for Back Pain 

The most common reasons for back pain are: 

Your physician may suggest extended physical therapy. However, the most common and effective way of treating back pain related to bad posture is to use a backrest pillow with arms that provide constant relief and comfort. Apart from this backrest pillow with arms also help to alleviate backaches stemming from unsupported sitting. 

Here we have listed the top 10 backrest pillows that assist your body in enhancing the posture and relieve lower back pain. 

Top 10 Back Pillow for Back Pain 

1. Core Standard Sitback Lumbar Support Back Pillow 

Core Standard Sitback Lumbar Support Cushion

Core Standard Sitback Lumbar Support Cushion facilitates proper posture and provides support and comfort for the lower lumber spine while putting on the back when you sit on a regular chair or wheelchair. The backrest pillow is made from contoured foam with an attached positioning belt that keeps the cushion in place and side support wings, which aids medium to firm support and helps maintain a proper spinal curve. 


2. Sammons Preston Lumbar Roll 

Sammons Preston Lumbar Roll

Sammons Preston Lumbar Roll reduces the load on the spinal discs, eases the stress on the muscles and joints, and ultimately helps to alleviate neck and back pain when sitting and slow the postural drop associated with sitting for an extended period of time. Lumbar roll is meant for those who experienced screeching pain hitting through the lower back region. Preston Lumbar Roll is useful when driving cars, sitting in a lounge, or working in an office chair. Additionally, back pillows have an adjustable strap with a snap-lock buckle to fix the backrest in place. 


3. Embrace Air Plus Lumbar Support Back Cushion 

Embrace Air Plus Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Embrace Air Plus Lumbar Support Back Cushion has been scientifically proven to relieve and prevent backache. In addition to providing spinal stability and optimum comfort, embrace plus backrest pillows are constructed with a concave structure. The backrest aids redistribution of weight and equivalent circulation in the back. The users can easily change the firmness of the back support pillow with an easy squeeze bulb as per their compatibility. 


4. ObusForme Sit-Back Cushion 

ObusForme Sit-Back Cushion

ObusForme Sit-Back Cushion features a flexible, contoured ergonomic design providing soothing relief to those facing stiffness due to prolonged sitting and experiencing discomfort in their lumbar spine, buttocks, or both. These pillows for back pain in pregnancy help manage back pain in pregnant women. When using a Sit-Back cushion as a backrest, one should remember to stretch the elastic strap over the top and front of the seat of a chair. 


5. OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll 

OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll

OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll is classic lumbar support beneficial for those who need robust support. McKenzie Lumbar Roll has a built-in strap that fixes the lumbar roll to most chair backs and can even be utilized around the waist. Lumbar sleep roll has a durable and high-quality removable fabric cover made of non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, and 100% polyester. 


6. IMAK Back Cushion with Ergo Pressure Technology 

IMAK Back Cushion with Ergo Pressure Technology

IMAK Back Cushion with Ergo Pressure Technology has an easily movable design that assembles almost anywhere. The backrest pillow offers excellent comfort and lumbar support conveniently used at the home, office, or car. The unique design of the posture pillow makes any standard chair or seat ergonomic and comfortable. Subsequently, lower back pillows feature a sculpted surface that hugs your lower back to help enhance your posture and reduce back pressure and ache.  


7. Graham-Field Lumex Lumbar Support Cushion 

Graham-Field Lumex Lumbar Support Cushion

Graham-Field Lumex Lumbar Support Cushion is designed to relieve lower back pain and correct poor posture. The back pain cushion comprises gentle and premium quality polyurethane foam, providing superior support and comfort. The backrest pillow is ideal for traveling and features attractive, removable, and washable covers. 


8. Hermell Sacro Saver Back Support Lumbar Cushion 

Hermell Sacro Saver Back Support Lumbar Cushion

Hermell Sacro Saver Back Support Lumbar Cushion is designed for those who require spinal stability and support. Back pain cushion consists of breathable soft synthetic imitation sheepskin and a navy polycotton, which prevent an individual's incorrect sitting position and maintain the spine's natural curve. Hence one can perform their daily sitting work with great efficiency and effectiveness. 


9. Drive General Use Back Cushion with Lumbar Support 

Drive General Use Back Cushion With Lumbar Support

Drive General Use Back Cushion with Lumbar Support provides support, comfort, and a tactile curve to improve an individual's posture. Lumbar support helps treat and prevent non-specific lower back pain, chronic postural defects, and scoliosis. The lower back pillow also allows for better positioning that curbs the chances of discomfort. Additionally, a back pillow has a durable masonite board that controls hammocking in a sling-back wheelchair, which can easily be removed per user preference. 


10. Core Hiback Lumbar Support for Office Chair 

Core Hiback Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Core Hiback Lumbar Support for Office Chair is ideal for many people who work while sitting in an ergonomic desk chair without proper back support. This greatly affects the lumbosacral discs, leads to poor posture, which stresses the soft tissue and joints in the spine and causes lower back pain. A lumbar back support pillow fills the gap between the lower back and the seat and aids retain the natural inward curve of the spinal column. Its high-quality precision-cut foam, and flat bottom are contoured to support and stabilize the tailbone. 


Where Can I Buy Backrest Pillow? 

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