Top Ten Products for Osteoporosis

A word that literally means porous bone, osteoporosis has become a highly prominent problem among women around the world. It affects men, but causes are mostly dietary, lifestyle related, or hormonal. Though osteoporosis in women is caused by several secondary factors, menopause remains one major causes of osteoporosis. According to research, the decrease in estrogen levels during menopause is directly linked to decrease in bone density. The continuous decrease of estrogen during menopause causes the bones to become more porous by the day. Longer duration of menopause, irregular menstruation cycles, and early menopause are some of the major causes of osteoporosis among women.

Though osteoporosis cannot be predicted, there are several precautions one can take to avert it. This includes a check on dietary and lifestyle habits and a regulation of the medications one takes in context to menopause or the menstrual cycle. Calcium and Vitamin D should be necessary constituents in our daily food. Exercise goes a long way in strengthening the bones and their core strength and helping reduce the decrease in bone density. Smoking, drinking, and other addictive habits should also be avoided to make sure the bones stay healthy.

Osteoporosis can be treated in two ways, through medication and rehabilitation. You should always consult a medical professional before consuming any tablet or caplet. In the case of rehab, there are several products one can use to prevent further damage to the bones. Complications such as fractures, ruptures, dislocation of joints, etc. can be avoided by using appropriate aids.

We, at Rehab Store, have listed ten of the best products that can be essentially helpful to prevent as well as combat osteoporosis.


1. BodySport Loop Exercise Bands

As mentioned earlier, exercise helps a lot in strengthening the bones and joints, which in turn decrease the vulnerability of the bones. The BodySport Loop Exercise Bands, fit comfortably around the upper and lower legs. They are great for exercising hip and leg muscles and are ideal for short, limited movements. Available in four color coded progressive levels of resistance, they provide excellent resistance when exercising the hips and legs.


  • Fit comfortable around the upper and lower legs
  • Used for rehabilitation, conditioning, and training
  • Long lasting and durable

2. CanDo WalSlide Slim 2.0 Exercise Station

The spine and the joints of the arms are usually affected by osteoporosis in the initial stages. Exercising the upper extremities of the body can help reduce the chances of decreased bone density. The CanDo WalSlide Exercise Station is a lightweight exercise station for resistance exercise band and tubing exercisers. The lightweight channel anchors itself to wall studs and sliding band, and the tubing anchor (included) glides along center channel and locks in place at a desired height. The adjustable anchor adjusts to any height along the channel. The station works with any elastic band or tubing and facilitates upper and lower body workouts.


  • Anchor moves along center channel and locks in place by tightening with screwdriver
  • Adjust anchor to any height along 36" channel
  • Works with any elastic band or tubing

3. Dura-Band Latex Free Elastic Exercise Band System

The knee and the lower leg are the first to be affected by osteoporosis. Old age causes weakening of the joints in the legs, and osteoporosis worsens the situation. Exercising the lower leg and keeping it healthy becomes even more important in such a situation. The Dura-Band Exercise Band System provides complete exercises for the lower extremities. It comes pre-attached to a specially designed clip and band-adjuster. In addition, on each end of the band, medical rivets are attached eliminating the user’s fear of band slippage. The modules of elasticity that are achieved with Dura-Band are so ideal that they allow a smooth, gradual increase in resistance to be delivered. This elastic quality is very important when rehabilitating postoperative musculoskeletal conditions.


  • Five different resistance levels ranging from 1-40 lbs. vary in color for easy identification.
  • Clip allows for easy attachment to D-Rings
  • Hooks easily onto the extremity/leg strap with a D-Ring for fast and easy attachment.
  • Dura-Band Exercise Systems can be used by all ages, anywhere, anytime

4. Mabis DMI Mini Stepper Exerciser

Another important tool to help you exercise the feet and the knees, the Mabis DMI Stepper Exerciser is ideal for toning the waist, calves, hips and thighs while burning calories and also help in strengthening the bones and the joints. It features a unique adjustable resistance system for low impact exercise and dual-hydraulic cylinders that work independently, replicating stair climbing. It is constructed of heavy gauge steel with high-impact plastic footrests with a compact design great for the home, office or travel.


  • Has built-in digital computer which calculates elapsed time and number of steps
  • Non-skid base helps prevent unit from slipping
  • Includes instructions and 2 AA batteries
  • Weight capacity: 250lb

5. CanDo Exercise Mini WaTe Exercise Bars

A tool that helps in toning the muscles, bones, and joints of the arm and the shoulders, the CanDo Exercise Bars are easy to grip, easy to store and color coded. These bars come in weights ranging from 1lb to 3lb. CanDo bars are used in the supine, sitting or standing position to increase strengths and ROM. Also use to improve endurance, balance and motor skills. They are perfect for use in therapy, fitness, group classes, aerobics, yoga, and pilates.


  • Improves motor skills, balance, and endurance
  • Anti-roll end cap prevents WATE bar from rolling around and becoming a safety hazard
  • Hangar end cap for the most space effective storage, hang on a hook rack (for up to 10 lbs)

Rehabilitation and Safety

6. Cramer Groin Hip Spica Support

A quality spica constricts the joints and allows for perfect rehabilitation and reduces treatment time. The Cramer Groin Spica Support is easy to apply, fits either right or left hip, designed to wrap groin strains, hip abductors, flexor strains and hip arthritis. Durable neoprene wrap is 73" long from end to end. It is designed to wrap around the waist and upper thigh and proper fit depends on the dimensions of these body parts, and will generally fit individuals with waist sizes between 26 and 40 inches.


  • Long lasting and durable
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Efficient constriction and rehabilitation

7. Fitterfirst Airex Atlas Non Slip Mat

A non-slip mat allows for multiple functions on flat surfaces that helps prevent falls or slipping. A person suffering from osteoporosis is highly vulnerable to fractures. The Fitterfirst Airex Non Slip Mat can help prevent these fractures. It offers a flat, well-cushioned surface - a surface that won’t chafe, or rub against the skin, and one which always feels warm and comfortable to touch. AIREX mats are not only stylish, they are functional too. The highly compressed smooth molded skin guarantees durability. The closed-cell structure makes the mats impervious to water and extremely easy to wash and keep clean.


  • Offer outstanding value
  • Superb cushioning
  • Hygienic through "Sanitized"-treatment
  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Impervious to water

8. Optec Edge SL TLSO 4 Panel Rigid Spinal System With Sternal Pad Kit

A spinal system helps immobilize or support the entire region around the spine and the abdomen which allows time for the body to recuperate. The Optec Edge Spinal System is ideal for geriatric and other patients, who tend to suffer from skin breakdown or sores, yet require maximum support. The Edge SL TLSO 4 Panel spinal system provides superior stabilization and support that the patients need with the ultimate comfort they deserve. It restricts and controls unwanted motion while providing intra-cavitary pressure to unload the inter-vertebral discs.


  • Designed to provide the patients with maximum stability and support
  • Combines rigid anterior and posterior polymer shells with removable soft padding
  • Keep the patients dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture
  • Back panel has built-in reinforcement and a spinal relief opening

9. Posey Community Hipsters Women Brief with Removable Standard Pad

A brief that not only looks stylish but helps support the hip joints and protects the bones from immediate damage, the Posey Women Brief has high impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads that help protect hip bones against injury from falls. The soft, comfortable pad helps to improve compliance versus hard-shell products. This discreet, low-profile pad is virtually undetectable under clothing. It is ideal for patients at risk for falling and those at risk for a hip fracture.


  • Removable pad allows for cost effective pad replacement
  • Fits comfortably around the patients waist
  • 100% Latex-free elastic waistband
  • Made of soft pink cotton blend material with decorative lace
  • Reinforced panty line

10. Advanced Orthopaedics Breathe Lite Back Support

A simple support system that can be worn under the clothes is a great option for those who would like to wear something that offers continuous support to the hip. The Advanced Orthopaedics Back Support is designed with a unique ventilated elastic construction making it cool and breathable. It provides support and compression to the lower lumbar region and abdominal area. Back support features tapered front end with an 8" high back panel.


  • Ideal for short or geriatric patients
  • Compression for strains and sprains
  • Long lasting, durable, and affordable

Osteoporosis can cause several complications if it is not prevented or addressed on the right time. Choose the right products to help prevent or rehabilitate osteoporosis. At Rehab Store, we have a wide range of products to help you get through osteoporosis easily and comfortably.


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