Top 10 TLSO Back Braces

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What is a TLSO brace? 

A TLSO (Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis) brace is a device used to support the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral regions in the spine and to restrict the motion of the spine. This brace is used to treat a spinal fracture or after surgery in any of these regions. A spinal fracture is usually caused by osteoporosis and accidents like falls, sports injuries, or car accidents. Certain spinal fractures would not require surgery, but the patient might be advised to wear a TLSO brace for some time. However, if the fracture is intense, it might require surgery.

In some cases, especially in women, the bones become weak and brittle. This leads to osteoporosis which causes small cracks in the bones of the spine or vertebra. The cracks are known as compression fractures. The doctor might also advise using a TLSO back brace in these cases.

When to use a TLSO Back Brace?

A TLSO brace treats the following conditions –  

Any injury that affects the spine may require using a TLSO brace as it holds the spine in a proper alignment to heal.

Top 10 TLSO Braces 

A TLSO brace supports and restricts the movement of the middle and lower back only. It does not cover the neck, leaving it free for movement. 

1. ITA-MED Gabrialla Women Thoracic Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis Posture Corrector 

The ITA-MED Gabrialla Posture Corrector is engineered keeping a woman’s body in mind. It provides three-in-one support for the shoulder, back, and abdomen and realigns the spine. It is made of a long-lasting, highly breathable material that is comfortable to wear throughout the day and features a crisscross design for additional support. This posture corrector benefits those who have to sit for long hours.

2. Optec Edge SL TLSO 3 Panel Rigid Spinal System with Dorsal Lumbar Kit 

The Optec Edge Spinal System is ideal for geriatric or other patients who suffer from skin breakdown or sores and still require maximum support. It provides stabilization and support to the patient, along with ensuring comfort. It restricts and controls any unwanted motion to unload the pressure from the spinal column. This product features removable soft padding and wicks away moisture to keep patients comfortable and dry.

3. Aryse Metforce Tlso Back Brace 

The Aryse Metforce TLSO Back Brace supports the upper and lower back. This TLSO back brace is lightweight, breathable, and adjusts to fit comfortably around the torso. Includes shoulder and sternum straps to adjust the pressure and can be used during lower back pain, spinal fractures, sprains and strains, and other back problems.

4. Aspen Vista 464 TLSO Back Brace 

The Aspen Vista 464 TLSO Back Brace offers support to the thoracolumbar spine with appropriate support and restrictions to the back and provides direct compression to support tight muscles. It features three shoulder strap configurations and height adjustment technology to accommodate all body types.

5. Bilt-Rite Deluxe TLSO Support with Moldable Insert 

The Bilt-Rite Deluxe TLSO Support with moldable Insert is recommended for posture correction, scoliosis, and those who have to sit for long hours. It has adjustable metal stays for better support, reinforcement straps for a comfortable fit, and pockets and inserts.

6. G-Force Stella TLSO Brace 

The G-Force Stella TLSO Brace is designed to aid patients with compression fractures, burst fractures, and hyperkyphosis. It restricts motion and provides a dynamic environment for healing. This brace comfortably fits waist sizes 24-50 inches and up to waist size 70 inches with extension panels.

7. Donjoy Back Brace II TLSO 

The Donjoy Back Brace II TLSO is ideal for osteoporosis, low back pain, strain, scoliosis, and other spinal problems. It provides appropriate motion restriction for effective healing. It comes with an easy-to-use thoracic adjustment ad quick-release shoulder buckles. It includes easily removable panels which can be thermoformed for a custom fit. The sternal Y-bar can be bent for a custom fit and adjusted for height.

8. Horizon 456 TLSO Brace 

The Horizon 456 TLSO Brace is designed for patients with a compression fracture, burst fracture, or hyper-kyphosis. It fits waists ranging from 24-70 inches and up to 70 inches with extension panels. This brace is easy to wear and remove due to its open configuration straps. It disperses proper pressure and conforms to the user’s height with telescoping shoulder straps.

9. Optec SALO TLSO Back Support 

The Optec SALO TLSO Back Support is suitable for children, geriatrics, and patients who use wheelchairs and require spinal stability and support. It is made of plastic-rigid foam-soft foam. The outer layer of the plastic, the middle layer, ensures proper spine stability, and the inner layer provides the patient with padding and overall comfort.

10. AT Surgical TLSO Dorso Lumbar Support back Brace 

The AT Surgical TLSO Dorso Lumbar Support Back Brace aids in reducing early thoracic kyphosis, improves posture, and helps with pre/post-operative rehabilitation. It features flexible and firm stays, which provide adequate back support. It comprises breathable material with adjustable straps and arm pads. Its slim-line nature enables the user to wear it every day under clothes.

Where to buy TLSO brace? 

The Rehab store offers a range of TLSO braces from different manufacturers under one roof to aid in your recovery. These braces not only help in recovering from fractures or post-surgery but also assist in improving posture by aligning the spinal column properly. Make sure to wear your brace while walking and sitting. When in recovery, do not put much pressure on the back or engage in any activity that defeats the purpose of these braces. A healthy back is vital in maintaining the body structure as all the organs, muscles, etc., are connected to the thoracolumbar region. It acts as the body's support system.


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