Aspen Vista 464 TLSO Back Brace

Aspen Vista 464 TLSO Back Brace

  • FSA Approved

Aspen Vista Back Brace offers patients support within the thoracolumbar spine, providing a versatile system that accommodates appropriate motion restrictions throughout the healing process. It has a unique sizing mechanism that allows for quick and easy adjustment.

Why choose Aspen Vista Back Brace?

  • Customization option
  • Sure slot option
  • Advanced inelastic compression
  • Easily stepped down


Item # Desc Pkg Price
993640 Vista 464 TLSO Each

Features of TLSO Brace

Customization Options

Customization Options
It has removable panels with designated trim lines enabling experts to customize the brace to accommodate individualized patient anatomical and medical needs.

 Height Adjustment Technology

Height Adjustment Technology
Vista 464 TLSO thoracic bar height adjusts from 13 to 21 inches to accommodate varying patient anatomies

 Sure Slot System

Sure Slot System
The unique sizing mechanism allows quick and easy adjustment without using tools


 Advanced Inelastic Compression

Advanced Inelastic Compression
Aspen Super SlickTrack System features an independent upper and lower tightening mechanism that provides direct compression where needed, regardless of the patient's strength

 Easily Stepped Down

Easily Stepped Down
As the patient improves, Visa lower spine braces can be easily stepped down to provide the needed support and motion restriction throughout each patient's recovery to health.


Benefits of Aspen Vista TLSO

  • Integrated Anterior Panels: Anterior panels at each end of the brace overlap to provide added midline support for the posture corrector. Featuring Aspen innovative FlexTabs, these panels disperse pressure and naturally conform to each patient's anatomy for increased comfort
  • Multiple Back Panel Options: Removable back panel extension offers the ability to adjust to the desired level of support and comfort to meet each patient's needs
  • Reliable Structural Integrity: Tri-band technology system and integrated vertical stays provide stability and structural integrity for a contoured fit.
  • Easy Access for Modification: All structural components are easily removed and can be heat molded, bent, or trimmed to accommodate individual patient conditions
  • Aspen Super SlickTrack System: It features an independent upper and lower tightening mechanism, providing direct compression to support tight muscles, regardless of the patient's strength

What to buy with Aspen Vista TLSO

How to use Aspen TLSO?

1. Belt Sizing:
A. Fit male rivets of the belt through proper sizing adjustment holes in the sizing mechanism
B. For smaller sizes, slide side panel through sizing adjustment slot and then fit rivets through proper adjustment holes from the underside
C. Once the proper size is achieved, pull taught to lock rivets in place

2. Placement & Adjust:
A. Centre back panel as low as possible. Slide abdominal panel and sternal pad sideways as needed to ensure brace and board are at patient’s midline
B. For taller patients, add the bar extender to the abdominal panel sheath. Try the button back and slide the aluminum strut, so the button locks into the appropriate hole
C. To further adjust the sternal pad on the abdominal panel, press the button with the leaf logo inward and raise or lower the sternal place as needed

3. Tighten:
Pull strongly away from the body. Tighten more than you need and then loosen to achieve a proper fit. Pull the left tab to tighten lower. Pull right to tighten upper as needed

4. Straps:
A. Attach underarm control straps to sternal pad
B. Pull underarm control straps to tighten as needed
C. Underarm control straps and sternal pad should fit securely to the patient’s anatomy
D. Under arm control, straps can be positioned to fit over the shoulders
NOTE: If needed, the support strut can be bent to ensure a proper fit

5. Over Shoulder Option:
If buckles are needed, add a buckle to strap ends and a secure buckle. Attach buckles to the top of the TLSO back panel

6. Modification Options:
This product may be substantially modified by an individual with expertise

7. Modify Panels:
A. When necessary, reduce the overall width of the posterior panel by removing it from the sleeve and utilizing trim lines to cut to the appropriate size
B. Lateral panel placement can be adjusted in the sleeve or trimmed to ensure panels sit at the midline on the patient

TLSO Brace User Guides

TLSO Brace User Manual
Aspen TLSO Instructions Manual

TLSO Brace Reviews

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