Optec SALO TLSO Back Support

Optec SALO TLSO Back Support

Brand/Manufacturer: OPTEC USA
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The Optec SALO TLSO Back Support is a back brace that comes in two designs: one with a single opening and another with a bivalve (double) opening. It can be customized and shipped on the same day it's ordered. The brace is suitable for all kinds of people but works especially well for kids, older adults, and those who use wheelchairs and need support for their spine. The SALO is made up of three layers: a tough outer layer to keep the spine in the right position, a middle layer for added stability, and a soft inner layer for comfort. Each brace is made to fit the individual's unique size and needs, ensuring the best support and comfort.

When to Use SALO TLSO Back Support

  • Cancer Patients
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Myelomeningocele
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Paraplegia
  • Post-Operative
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Stabilization
  • Wheelchair Seating Support

  • Total: $487.45
    Total: $361.11
Total: $487.45
Total: $361.11

SALO TLSO Back Support Features

  • Comes in two types - one with a single opening and another with two parts (bivalve design)
  • Good for people in general, especially helpful for kids, older adults, and those in wheelchairs who need support for their spine
  • It has three layers - a hard outer layer made of plastic to keep the spine in line, a strong foam layer in the middle for stability, and a soft inner layer with hypoallergenic foam for comfort
  • Designed to stabilize and support the spine
  • Especially recommended for children, older adults, and those who use wheelchairs

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How to Use Optec SALO TLSO Back Support

1. Start with the person lying down. Gently turn them to the side and put the back part of the brace on their back. Make sure the bottom part fits above the hips but below the ribs. Hold the back in place and turn the person back onto their back.
Place brace on patients back

2. Once they're on their back, adjust the back part so it sits just above the hips but below the ribs. Now, put the front part on their chest, matching it with the back part. Make sure their undershirt is smooth under the brace to avoid pinching their skin.
adjust the position

3. Tighten the bottom straps on one side, then do the same on the other side. Keep going with each strap until you tighten the top ones. Pull the undershirt upward diagonally as you tighten to prevent pinching.
Tighten the bottom Velcro strap on one side.

4. After tightening, make sure there's no gap between the front and back parts. For the best fit, tighten the straps again with the person lying flat with bent knees and flat feet. Check that the brace fits well and doesn't cause any discomfort.
ensure that orthosis fit is snug



How to Care SALO TLSO Back Support

  • Get a snug-fitting undershirt (one size smaller than usual) to wear under the brace.
  • Nurses will take off the brace now and then during acute care to check your skin.
  • Hand wash the brace at 86°F with mild soap. Don't use direct heat or sunlight to dry it; let it air dry. No ironing or dry cleaning.
  • Make sure to rinse the brace thoroughly after washing to avoid skin irritation and damage.
  • Your body might change size because of the brace's pressure and reduced swelling after surgery. If you can't adjust the straps properly, see your practitioner to resize or replace the brace.
  • Your practitioner knows your health situation and is part of your overall care. Follow their instructions, even if they differ from the general guidelines.
  • Be extra careful with patients who can't feel much to avoid pinching, especially around the waistline.

Optec SALO TLSO Back Support Specifications

Women Size Xyphoid Measurement Waist Measurement Hip Measurement
X-Small 23" to 29" 19" to 25" 25" to 31"
Small 27" to 33" 23" to 29" 29" to 35"
Medium 31" to 37" 27" to 33" 33" to 39"
Large 35" to 41" 31" to 37" 37" to 43"
X-Large 39" to 45" 35" to 41" 41" to 47"
2X-Large 43" to 49" 39" to 45" 45" to 51"
3X-Large 47" to 53" 43" to 49" 49" to 55


Men Size Xyphoid Measurement Waist Measurement Hip Measurement
X-Small 29" to 35" 24" to 30" 28" to 34"
Small 33" to 39" 28" to 34" 32" to 38"
Medium 37" to 43" 32" to 38" 36" to 42"
Large 41" to 47" 36" to 42" 40" to 46"
X-Large 45" to 51" 40" to 46" 44" to 50"
2X-Large 49" to 55" 44" to 50" 48" to 54"
3X-Large 53" to 59" 48" to 54" 52" to 58"




90 days warranty


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