Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic

Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic

Brand/Manufacturer: VASYLI MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved

Vasyli Supination Orthotics is expressly designed to control the pes cavus foot type. By utilizing a triplanar (three-dimensional) perspective to normalize foot biomechanics, this orthotic effectively addresses forefoot valgus, plantarflexed 1st ray, and forefoot equinus.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
71HOKE - XS X-Small Pair
71HOKE - S Small Pair
71HOKE - M Medium Pair
71HOKE - L Large Pair
71HOKE - XL X-Large Pair

Benefits of Vasyli Orthotics for Supination

Vasyli + Hoke Benefits

Back, Knee & Heel Pain:

Helps relieve heel, knee, or back pain.

Vasyli + Hoke

Walking & Everyday Use:

Ideal for walking and everyday use.

Vasyli + Hoke

Athletic Use:

Ideal for athletic footwear.

Vasyli + Hoke

Custom-fit Shoes:

Designed for custom-fit shoes.

Vasyli + Hoke


Designed for men’s and women’s boots.

Vasyli + Hoke


Heat moldable for a custom fit.


Vasyli Hoke Supination Orthotic Features

  • Deep heel cup and lateral forefoot post help in controlling supination and stabilizing the foot 
  • High arch profile and equinus compensation ensure close contact for the rigid Pes Cavus foot 
  • Foot that is excessively supinated transmits shock to ankle, knee, and hip and lacks the mobility to adapt to uneven surface 
  • Made primarily of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a microcellular foam used extensively in quality sports footwear 
  • Designed for men and women boots 
  • By utilizing a triplanar (three-dimensional) perspective, insoles for supination normalize foot biomechanics

What problems can be treated with Vasyli Orthotics?

  • Flexible Flat Feet
  • Heel Pain
  • Bunions & Hammer Toes
  • Knee & Hip Pain
  • Ball of Foot Pain
  • Shin Pain
  • Low Back Pain

What types of shoes work best with the Vasyli Orthotic?

  • Athletic 
  • Women Casuals
  • Men Casuals  
  • Work Boots 
  • Custom Fit Shoes 
  • Football Boots 

What to buy with Vasyli Hoke Orthotic?


How to use Vasyli Hoke Insoles?

It can take a few days for your feet to get used to supination orthotics. If they make your feet uncomfortable, take them off for an hour or two, then put them back on. Keep doing this until they feel better. If you're still uncomfortable, talk to your doctor.

How to Clean Vasyli Control Orthotic?

  • Clean your pes cavus insoles with a damp cloth.
  • If they start to smell (which is rare), you can use an antibacterial solution to clean them.

How to do Heat Molding?

  • Take out any insoles already in the patient's shoes.
  • Put the Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Use heat to warm up the orthotic, focusing on the rear foot part until it reaches about 200°F.
  • It's ready when you can't see the thermal indicator and STC lettering anymore.
  • Put the orthotic into one shoe. The patient should wear socks and sit down for this.
  • Adjust the shoe while the patient's weight is balanced on both feet.
  • Make sure the patient's foot is in a good position while they stand, and hold their lower leg firmly.
  • Mold the orthotic along the arch and forefoot.
  • Have the patient sit, remove the shoe, take out the orthotic, and let it cool. Then do the same for the other foot.

How does Vasyli+Hoke Supination Control Orthotic Works?

Supination Control Foot Orthotic
Forefoot equinus in the sagittal plane results in premature loading of the forefoot.

Supination Control Foot Orthotic
Forefoot valgus + plantar flexed (PF) 1st ray in the frontal plane may lead to over supination.

Supination Control Foot Orthotic
Forefoot adducts in the transverse plane increases the prominence of the base of the 5th ray.

Vasyli Supination Orthotic Insoles FAQ

1. What Are The Orthotics Made Of?

Vasyli Medical orthotics are made primarily of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a microcellular foam used extensively in the midsole of most quality sports footwear. The EVA has polymer additions to stabilize the material during heat-molding and extend the product's life. Other compounds used are polyurethane (PU) and Rebound EVA (for shock absorption). The top cover is brushed nylon.

2. Should They Be Worn In?

Yes. In general, we advise that they be worn "to comfort." Should any discomfort occur—in the feet, knees, or back—remove for a few hours or that day and return to use the next day, repeating the process as needed. As a general rule, it shouldn't take more than 3 to 4 days to achieve daylong comfort. Ongoing discomfort requires a review of the prescription.

3. Can You Reheat Them?

Yes, you can reheat them if required. However, you cannot "regenerate" the rearfoot control by heat-molding. That requires the use of the rearfoot additions. VASYLI orthotics will not mold under body heat generated in the footwear.

Click here for more Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic FAQs

Supination Orthotic Size Chart

Size Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
X-Small 3.5" - 5" 4.5" - 6"
Small 5.5" - 7" 6.5" - 8"
Medium 7.5" - 9" 8.5" - 10"
Large 9.5" - 11" 10.5" - 12"
X-Large 11.5" - 13" -


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