7 Effective Products for Heel Spur Relief

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If you are looking for heel spur relief aids that actually curb heel pain, this article is for you. 

Heel spurs are bony lumps on the underside of the heel bone. These lumps are made of calcium deposits and can lead to debilitating heel pain. 

Heel spurs are often linked to plantar fasciitis. The condition causes inflammation in the plantar fascia, a fibrous band of connective tissue that connects the foot bottom and the ball of the foot.

Causes of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs result from - 

  • Excessive calcium build-up on the heel bone
  • Extreme strain on muscles and ligaments
  • Irritation in the foot
  • Stretching of the plantar fascia
  • Repetitive tearing of the heel membrane

Heel spurs are quite common among athletes or individuals with an active lifestyle.

How to get rid of heel spurs?

Unlike other types of heel pain, bone spur-related pain does not go away on its own. The pain may worsen in the morning due to the sudden stretch of the plantar fascia. The pain subsides as you start walking and resurfaces with extensive activity like running or jumping.

If you are experiencing heel pain, consider using therapeutic devices and orthotics to help relieve the discomfort of a heel spur. These products include insoles, stretchers, ice wraps, and heel cups that help with inflammation and pain relief. Rehab Store offers seven of its best products for heel spur relief.

7 Effective Products for Heel Spur Relief 

1. Orthotic Inserts - Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic

Orthotic insoles or inserts effectively treat heel pain associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. Orthotic inserts are designed to fit the shape and structure of the foot. These insoles stabilize the heel and reduce pressure while supporting the arch by facilitating cushioning comfort to the aching parts of the feet.

Vasyli insoles for supination work on a triplanar or three-dimensional technique to support a high-arched foot. It addresses forefoot valgus, plantar-flexed first ray, and forefoot equinus. Many people prefer using Vasyli insoles to treat bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, knee and hip pain, shin pain, and lower back problems.

Why choose the Vasyli heel spur inserts?

  • The lateral grid keeps the orthotic in place during the heel strike phase. 
  • The metatarsal raise reduces the pressure under the ball of the foot.
  • The deep heel cup stabilizes the heel position to maximize control.
  • The shock dot is designed to dissipate heel impact forces.

2. Heel Protectors - Medline Heel Raiser Heel Protector

The heels support the weight of our legs which makes them prone to damage and breakdown. Foam heel protectors remove the pressure from the heels and prevent pressure ulcers. 

Medline Heel Raiser keeps the heel protected against limb friction and shear forces. Heel protectors are ideal for people who use wheelchairs and keep their heels resting for prolonged periods.

Why choose Medline Heel Protector?

  • Medline heel guard offers cushioning to alleviate pain and prevent reinjuries.
  • It is extensively used for -
  • The unique offloading design keeps the heels comfortable. 
  • Open heel design promotes air circulation and allows for easy monitoring.

3. Heel Lifts - Norco Adjustable Heel Lifts

The use of heel lifts can be especially helpful for patients whose heel pain results from the excess strain caused by heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. The lower the heel, the more the tissues are forced to stretch and strain against the heel, contributing to heel pain.

Heel lifts accommodate heel spurs by reducing stress caused by a pulled plantar fascia or Achilles. Adjustable heel lifts and proper stretching lessen discomfort and dissolve heel spurs.

Norco Adjustable Heel Lifts have a natural, firm, and sponge construction for relieving stress from the heel cord and plantar fascia. Norco heel lifts consist of three peel-off layers, each measuring 1/8 inch (3.2mm) thick, for easy height adjustment. The non-slip leather material ensures durability.

Why choose Norco Adjustable Heel Lifts?

  • Norco heel lifts come with tapered edges to reduce stress and pressure.
  • Shock absorbing design relieves discomfort and alleviates heel pain.
  • Adjustable heel lifts improve gait and distribute pressure evenly.
  • Norco heel lifts are used for - 
    • Heel pain 
    • Plantar fasciitis 
    • Fat pad atrophy 
    • Achilles tendonitis 
    • Heel spurs 
    • Hip or back pain 
    • Shin splints 
    • Sever’s disease 
    • Arthritis in leg and knee joints
    • Haglund’s deformity

4. Temperature Therapy - Vive Plantar Fasciitis Hot/Cold Recovery Kit

Temperature therapy works best for heel spur relief. A combination of heat and cold therapy keeps the inflamed heel tissues at ease, soothes the pain, loosens the fibrous plantar fascia tissues, and lessens the irritation. Massaging the area using a hot rub or cold roller can help with the pain.

Vive Plantar Fasciitis Hot/Cold Recovery Kit ergonomically helps reduce inflammation, soothe irritated muscles, and relieve tension. The two studded massage balls offer varying firmness levels and warm or cold deep tissue massage. The roller and balls target specific pain points of the body.

Why choose Vive Massage Ball Set for Heel Spur Relief?


5. Ankle Stabilizer - Steady Step Heel Hugger Therapeutic Stabilizer with Sealed Ice Gel Pad

Ankle stabilizers facilitate the ankles with external support and limit unnecessary motions to aid in better recovery from an injury or surgery. Ankle braces offer efficient compression to the target area and help dissolve heel spurs.

Steady Step Heel Hugger Therapeutic Stabilizer relieves heel pain and calcaneal inflammation. The neoprene material of the stabilizer offers compression and reduces swelling

It also absorbs heel-striking shock, and the sewn-in sealed ice gel pads on each side where the calcaneus below the talocalcaneal joint is situated limit lateral and medial movement. These pads also offer soothing cold treatment to lessen inflammation in the heel.

Why Choose Steady Step Therapeutic Stabilizer for Heel Spur Relief?

  • Reduces heel inflammation and adequate compression
  • Controls Edema
  • Absorbs shock while you walk
  • Ideal for - 
    • Heel contusions, irritation, and blisters
    • Calcaneal spurs and apophysitis
    • Retrocalcaneal bursitis and spur
    • Achilles tendonitis
    • Subtalar arthritis
    • Narrow heels

6. Ankle Ice Wrap -  Sealed Ice Polar Ice Foot and Ankle Wrap

Heel spurs associated with plantar fasciitis lead to small tissue tears and inflammation and usually cause pain at the bottom of the heel. However, the arch can also feel sore. Ice is used as an effective method to relieve inflammation. 

Cold packs relieve inflamed and painful heel tissues and reduce the thickness of plantar fascia.

Polar Ice Ankle Wrap is a soft fleece wrap with ice packs intended to provide compression and the benefits of cryotherapy for heel spur relief and soft tissue injuries. Polar ice wrap is ideal for post-surgery, rehabilitation, post-workout, or physical activity.

Why choose Polar Ankle Ice Wrap for Heel Spur?

  • Offers long-lasting cryotherapy
  • Soft fleece covering to protect skin
  • Transports easily in cooler with ice
  • Provides quick refreeze time
  • Convenient to use in hospitals, homes, clinics, industries, and sports

7. Massage Therapy - Thera-Band Foot Roller Massager

Tight calf muscles can lead to the development of heel spurs associated with plantar fasciitis. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to dissolve bone spurs naturally. Massaging the calf and heel muscles significantly reduces heel spur pain. 

Some massage techniques include kneading down the calves with thumbs and fingers, grabbing the calf muscles and pulling them forward, or using a massaging roller underneath the calves or heels.

OPTP Thera-Band Foot Massager is perfect for those looking for an affordable, simple, and effective solution for relieving foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and muscle overuse. It is a long roller with a rough structure used to massage the feet by moving them back and forth. 

Why choose Thera-Band Foot Massager?

  • OPTP roller supports better athletic performance 
  • Decreases pain during exercise
  • Improves flexibility
  • Prevents inflammation

Heel spurs can decrease mobility and make walking, standing, or exercising difficult. Consult a doctor if the discomfort does not subside after trying heel spur remedies.


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