All About Electrotherapy

All About Electrotherapy

By Taikhum Sadiq

Electrotherapy is an alternative medicinal practice that uses electrical energy to treat symptoms of various diseases as well as healing wounds. Electromagnetic therapy is also a part of electrotherapy which uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the healing of wounds.

Electrotherapy has been used around the world from the past 300 years. Initially only a couple of problems were treated using electrical currents. Muscle stimulation and cancer treatment were two of the most important problems to be treated using electrotherapy. AC currents were used to stimulate the muscles and cause their contraction. They were even used to restore muscle mass and strength. In cancer treatment, DC currents were highly effective to reduce and sometimes eliminate tumors. DC currents are used even today in many situations in the treatment process of cancer.

When does electrotherapy help?

There are a number of diseases and disorders for which treatment with electrotherapy can be considered a boon. Firstly, this therapy is widely used for pain management and neuromuscular dysfunction. It helps in improving the range of motion of joints and also improves strength and motor control. In the process of healing wounds, electric currents increase microcirculation and also increase protein synthesis to heal wounds. For those people with the issue of incontinence can also benefit from electrotherapy. Electric currents stimulate the pelvic muscles to reduce pelvic pain, and strengthen muscles.

What are the devices that are used in electrotherapy?

All About ElectrotherapyAll About ElectrotherapyAll About Electrotherapy

There are a number of devices that use electrotherapy to treat a number of conditions. Combination units or stimulators are devices that use electric stimulations as a part of the therapy. Many a time, electrodes are attached to stimulators and other electrotherapy units if one needs to stimulate a specific joint or part of the body. Other devices include the ultrasound systems, TENS and EMS units, Electrotherapy skin products and electrotherapy garments. Read the following to know more.