What is a Midfoot Sprain?

The middle section of the foot—the midfoot—joins the back (hindfoot) with the front (forefoot.) A midfoot sprain is an injury to one or more of the ligaments that connect these bones. The midfoot is also named the lisfranc joint, and an injury related to the midfoot is called a lisfranc Injury. 

Most foot sprains happen due to sports or activities in which your body twists and pivots, but your feet stay in place. Some of these sports include football, snowboarding, and dance. 

What is a Midfoot Sprain

There are three levels of foot sprains: 

  • Grade I, minor. You have stretching and microscopic tears in the ligaments.
  • Grade II, moderate. You have large or partial tears in the ligaments. 
  • Grade III, severe. The ligaments are completely disrupted or detached from the bone. 

Symptoms of a midfoot sprain 

  • Tenderness and pain in the area of the foot arch. The sole, top, or sides of the foot may feel this. 
  • Foot swelling and bruising. 
  • Pain while moving or performing an activity. 
  • Being incapable of bearing weight on your foot.

Causes of mid-foot pain 

  1. Compression – The middle of your foot might not be able to endure the pressure when something squeezes your toes and heel together.
  2. Foot entrapment – Your midfoot may fracture if you fall backward when your foot is fixed in a position, such as when you're tumbling down steps or getting out of a saddle with your foot stuck in the stirrups. 
  3. Falling directly on your toes – Your midfoot may take on too much weight when your foot is pointed straight down, as it is when performing the ballet, and you land on your toes. 

Treatment of a Lisfranc Injury 

Treatment of Lisfranc injury largely depends on whether the Lisfranc ligament or joint is injured. To contemplate surgical fixation, all injuries other than the minor ones must be examined by a surgeon. There may be dire repercussions for the person if there is a failure to recognize a midfoot sprain. 

The patient's foot must be immobilized in a splint, cast, or boot for a while following surgery for a severe midfoot sprain. Most of the time, they will also need to have their foot's ability to bear weight restricted. It typically takes an athlete 4 to 6 months or longer to recuperate from this sort of injury before they can resume full-time athletic activity. 

Products that help in mild mid-foot pain 

Walking Boots – To prevent the midfoot bone from moving during a minor sprain, use a stiff boot with an inner lining of soft fabric and hook and loop closures to surround and cushion the foot and ankle. An orthopedic walking boot is developed to shield the foot following injury or surgery. 

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Ankle Wraps – An ankle wrap can be used to lessen swelling, ease ankle pain, and generally enhance the condition of your ankle because it is specifically made to provide support to an ankle that is weak or injured. It might assist in easing the discomfort and obviating the need for additional care. It can also be worn inside the shoes. Just be sure it is not too tight or too loose.

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Arch Support – It is a piece of equipment inserted into the shoe to support the foot arch and ease pressure on the muscles while walking or standing. Each arch is made up of bones, ligaments, and tendons. The podiatrist or your foot doctor will recommend suitable arch support that best suits your situation. 

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