Pulled Groin Muscles - Symptoms and Treatment

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Pulled groin muscles may result from excessive pressure and stress put on the groin muscles and inner thighs. If the groin muscles are forcefully or suddenly tensed, they may get torn or over-stretched. Groin pulls are quite common in sportspersons due to a lot of running and jumping, specifically, jumping or changing direction suddenly. Soccer, football, and hockey players are also vulnerable to experiencing pulled groin. 

Pulled Groin Symptoms 

A groin strain injury happens when the groin muscles are torn or overstretched. Groin muscles are in the folds on both sides, where the belly joins the legs. These muscles may get stretched due to excessive stress and pressure, and the injury may be either minor or serious. Some symptoms of groin pull include-  

  • Tenderness and pain in the groin muscles 
  • Snapping or popping sound or feeling followed by severe pain 
  • Pain in the inside of the thigh 
  • Pain when bringing the legs together 
  • Pain when raising knees 

Pulled Groin Treatment 

Recovery from groin pull happens on its own but may take time, depending on how serious the groin muscle pull is. It may roughly take 4-6 weeks, but it may heal quicker.  

  • To aid the recovery, it is recommended to find an activity that does not put more stress on the groin muscles, such as swimming. 
  • An ice pack placed inside the thigh helps reduce the groin pain and swelling. Experts suggest that putting the ice pack on the targeted area for 20-30 minutes every 1-4 hours for two or three days is beneficial. 
  • Use a compression bandage or tape on the thigh to offer the paining area compression and support. 
  • If the pain is unbearable, consider taking anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen and naproxen to curb the pain and swelling. However, the consumption of oral pain killers may warrant side effects. 

Medical professionals also advise stretching and strengthening exercises for tissue healing. Chronic groin pull may be caused after hernia surgery, making it difficult to deal with the pain. Hernia belts are often considered an efficacious method to treat the pulled groin muscles and hernia by offering compression and support to the groin.

5 Top Groin Pull Belts

1. AT Surgical Athletic Supporter 

AT Surgical Athletic Supporter

Athletic Supporter provides unobtrusive, consistent support for a long day of work or vigorous sports. AT Surgical Athletic Supporter With 3 Inches Elastic Waistband and Jockstrap for men is designed to protect, lift, support, and hold the testes against the body. It prevents groin strain and sore muscles during activity, helping to eliminate discomfort and keep them away from injury. 


2. Advanced Orthopaedics Hernia Belt 

Advanced Orthopaedics Hernia Belt

Advanced Orthopedics hernia belt for men has removable and adjustable pads, which help reduce hernia bulging pain by applying resistive pressure over the location. It is discreet, easy to wear under clothing, and used for single or double inguinal hernias. 


3. AT Surgical Suspensory Scrotal Support for Men 

AT Surgical Suspensory Scrotal Support for Men

AT Surgical Suspensory Scrotal Support for Men is made with a solid white waistband and a soft, comfortable knit cotton/rayon breathable mesh stretchable support pouch. The scrotum and testicles will be comfortably secured and lifted, while the waist band is adjustable for a specific level of support. This suspensory scrotal support has a generous elasticized hole in front that fits most men. It is inconspicuous under clothing. 


4. AT Surgical Groin and Inguinal Hernia Truss with Velcro Closure 

AT Surgical Groin and Inguinal Hernia Truss With Velcro Closure

AT Surgical Groin and Inguinal Hernia Truss with Velcro Closure is designed to relieve a reducible inguinal hernia post-surgery in the groin. Inguinal and Groin Hernia Truss is made with a pad soft enough that it applies gradual pressure to support the weak muscles of the groin with the targeted compression on the hernia. This FSA-approved inguinal hernia truss will provide the user with the support and comfort needed to maintain an active lifestyle. 


5. Scott Sport Aid Men Hernia Truss 

Scott Sport Aid Men Hernia Truss

Scott Sport Aid Men Hernia Truss is removable and has adjustable pads with discreet double belts for better support. Sport Aid Men's Hernia Truss is fit for waist sizes 30 inches to 35 inches. This FSA-approved hernia truss helps curb the pain in the groin area, stay active, and relieve the pain quickly


When to call a doctor? 

Consult a doctor if: 

  • New or severe pain or swelling is felt in the groin area. 
  • The groin or upper thigh area is cool or pale in color. 
  • Tingling, weakness, or numbness is felt in the groin or leg. 
  • Moving the leg seems difficult. 
  • Putting weight on the leg is unbearable. 

Groin injuries are caused due to added stress on the weaker groin muscles. People interested in athletics must consult and ask their medical professionals about activities that can help reduce the risk of a pulled groin. 


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