5 Best Massage Table

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The earliest massage table may look like an ordinary piece of equipment. However, technological advancements make the massage table a more vital tool that massage therapists use. The best massage table is stationary or movable and provides greater stability, easier operation, and multiple adjustments. The best portable massage table offers a safe and comfortable surface for those with back problems like hip arthritis, degenerative disc, and spinal stenosis. 

The best massage table is also incorporated with an easy-to-clean, heavily padded exterior and attachable face cradle that permits the client to breathe while lying face down easily. 

At Rehab Store, massage tables are available in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors to match the requirements of an individual therapist and client.   

5 Best Massage Tables for Optimum Comfort    

1. Oakworks PerformaLift Lift-Assist Backrest Top   

Oakworks PerformaLift Flat Top Massage Table has a unique twin tower lift system so that the table can be tilted either in an upward or downward direction, creating a Zero Gravity Chair capability that offers a great source of comfort for those who suffer from joint or muscle pain, spinal alignment issues, and back pain.   

Oakworks PerformaLift Massage Table Features   

  • This best massage table has a tiltable top that allows easy accommodation and greater comfort to individuals with back pain and other spinal problems.   
  • The tabletop of the Oakworks massage table is padded with 3" plush memory foam for a high level of comfort.   
  • Multi-function massage table operated using hand and foot control with two memory positions.   
  • The unique twin tower lift system allows individuals to raise the head end of the massage table to 1-2 inches, aids in great comfort to those who experience sinus pressure when lying flat on a table.   
  • The Performalift line features a removable and replaceable padded top that offers fabric pad replacement instead of replacing the entire massage table due to long-time wear and tear.   

2. BodyMed Portable Massage Table   

BodyMed Portable Massage Table provides high-quality support. This fully functional massage table features luxurious, soft-to-touch polyurethane upholstery over a 3" multi-layered foam system for ultimate comfort. A massage table is durable and comfortable for various treatment patterns. The adjustable massage table weighs 34.6 lb and includes a carrying case, making it ideal for traveling.   

BodyMed Portable Massage Table Features   

  • The folding massage table features luxurious, soft-to-touch polyurethane upholstery, moisture-wicking, and easy-to-clean fabric.   
  • This massage table specially used for adults provides ultimate comfort with 3/4 in. of memory foam into the top layer.  
  • The massage bed includes an arm sling and an adjustable face cradle that allows the client easy to breathe when lying on a table.   
  •  Fully functional massage table features durable, comfortable support to practice a variety of treatment styles.   
  • This lightweight massage table is also helpful for bedridden people who need treatment at their convenience.    

3. Touch America Stationary Treatment Table   

 Touch America Stationary Treatment Table offers comfort and stability in every therapeutic practice and is perfect for massage therapy, physical therapy, reflexology, and other applications. Touch stationary table has a solid maple base with a standardized open storage shelf to facilitate the therapist.  

Touch America Stationary Treatment Table Features   

  • The two-piece, rounded corner table top of the Touch America Stationary Treatment Table is 30" x 73", along with a manual-lift back section that allows tilts from 0 to 80°.   
  • A manual knob and peg in the legs offer to adjust the massage table's nine height positions from 24" to 33" for treatment.   
  •  2" firm foam bottom layer, then 1 3/4" medium-density urethane polymer foam, and a layer of 1/2" fluffy polyester dacron batting make the table top comfortable and luxurious.   
  • The whole top of the table features ultrasoft-touch upholstered that is lightly textured with super-soft PU vinyl. 
  •  The massage bed comes in the amazing color of your choice, like almond, camel, black, pebble, slate, or white.    

4. Oakworks ProLuxe Electric Salon Top   

Oakworks ProLuxe Electric Salon Top is the perfect choice when you are looking for great value and excellent functionality. Oakworks Salon Top uses a single yet powerful motor to safely lift to 550 lbs from 22 - 40", which is the largest range offered by the manufacturer. Oakworks massage table can be adjusted up to the optimum lowest height than any other oakworks table.   

Oakworks ProLuxe Electric Salon Top Features   

  • Oakworks massage table is the cost-effective choice consisting of all the high-end features, incurs Low maintenance costs, and super durable construction make this table expert's choice.   
  • This folding massage table has multi-functional foot control that lifts the table quietly and safely from 22 - 40" with a 550 lb capacity.   
  • The removable and replaceable padded top is economical, environmentally friendly, and easy to wipe or disinfect.   
  • Upgrades include an adjustable breast comfort system, integrated heated top, 6" aerocel padding, bluetooth speaker, and casters, all these together making the best massage table rich and deluxe.   

5. Touch America Empress Treatment Table   

Touch America Empress Treatment Table is ideal for medical spas and can be placed easily where a user has limited space. This adjustable massage table has a three-section, upholstered top with a tapered upper-body section. The innovative tilt mechanism allows therapy in an inclining position. The massage table can be converted into a complete seated position with the help of eight-button hand control to tilt on its axis.  

Touch America Empress Treatment Table features   

  • The innovative tilt mechanism of the empress treatment table offers incline therapy to the client.   
  • The adjustable massage table has a slim design that fits in small spaces and features the 4" triple wrap foam top that gives complete comfort and a luxury touch.   
  • The massage bed top is supported by a tubular carbon steel frame coated with white powder for better durability.   
  • In addition, the portable massage table accessorized with flex armrests works when the back section of the massage table is raised and laid flat, which comfortably supports sitting and lying positions.   

Where Can I Buy Best Massage Table?   

Rehab Store offers a huge collection of the best portable massage tables from leading manufacturers considered user-friendly and cost-effective luxurious for therapists and their clients. Place your order today with us! 


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