Fibromyalgia Tender Points: What Are Tender Points?

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder often indicated by random pain in different parts of body and identified by several tender points known as fibromyalgia tender points. Fibromyalgia makes a person severely sensitive to pain, reduces the threshold of bearing pressure, and may make them feel more hurt from a small degree of touch or pain compared to someone not diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 

Despite being a medical condition known to cause predominant pain in the entire body, professionals try to find fibromyalgia pain points that are more sensitive to touch than others for a fibromyalgia test. These fibromyalgia points are the areas near the joints and not the joints themselves where the pain is felt, even when pressed or poked slightly with a finger. 

The purpose of locating fibromyalgia trigger points is to help diagnose if a person does have fibromyalgia or not. A total of eighteen fibromyalgia pain points are present in the body in symmetrical pairs, from the head to the inner knees. These tender points are located in specific body areas and are the size of a coin. If 11 of 18 tender points are tested positive for sensitivity, a person may be diagnosed with fibromyalgia

Where are Fibromyalgia Tender Points located? 

Fibromyalgia pain points are present in a symmetrical pattern in the body, located around the neck, chest, shoulders, hips, above and below the waist, and knees.  

The precise location of these 18 tender points for fibromyalgia are -  

  • The base of the skull and back of the head 
  • Lower neck in front 
  • Back of the neck 
  • Back of the shoulders 
  • Edge of the upper breast 
  • Arm and elbow 
  • Hip bone 
  • Upper outer buttock 
  • Inside and behind the knee 

What causes Tender Points? 

Experts opine that putting the finger on one reason that leads to sensitivities on fibromyalgia pressure points is quite difficult. However, more or less, it has to do with muscle spasms. When muscles are spasmed, they lose oxygen and blood, which builds up acid and carbon dioxide, causing more muscle pain, leading to more spasms, and the painful cycle continues. 

How is Fibromyalgia diagnosed? 

The very recent development in fibromyalgia treatment includes new criteria for diagnosing fibromyalgia involving the following factors -  

  • The patient has severe pain in 3 to 6 trigger points or has mild pain in 7 or more tender points. 
  • The patient's symptoms have not worsened or improved for at least three months. 
  • No other reason for symptoms is found. 

Treatment for Fibromyalgia Tender Points 

Treating fibromyalgia pain points may involve several prescription and lifestyle modification recommendations to improve the fibromyalgia condition as a whole. A doctor may recommend certain types of medication to help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, such as -  

  • Antidepressants 
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) 
  • Anti-seizure medications 
  • Steroids injections 

Other than prescribed medications, individuals can also use therapeutic massagers and adapt to an exercise routine for fibromyalgia. Exercise for fibromyalgia helps strengthen the muscles and bones and improve blood circulation.

Exercise and fitness aids can help enhance all bodily systems, thus reducing the effects of fibromyalgia on the body, apart from exercising, applying heat packs or cold compresses, managing stress, and avoiding triggers (by looking out for seasonal changes and foods that may aggravate symptoms of fibromyalgia). All these things may not treat fibromyalgia tender points completely but may alleviate the pain and help one live a better-quality lifestyle. 

Best Products for Fibromyalgia Treatment 

 Because the exact cause of fibromyalgia is unclear, having a specific treatment for fibromyalgia is quite difficult. But some things can alleviate the pain and reduce the effects of the tender points. They are: 

1. Massage Therapy 

Pain Management Infrared Hand Held Light Wand Therapeutic Massager

Pain Management Infrared Hand Held Light Wand Therapeutic Massager provides therapeutic massage and deep relief. Massage therapy reduces the pain in minutes and improves blood flow. Massaging also helps enhance the nervous system's functioning, thus restoring the body's ability to process pain properly. Infrared light is one of the most innovative therapy methods for patients with acute or chronic muscle pain. The therapy uses certain wavelengths of light delivered to sites of the body that have injuries. Moreover, infrared heat penetrates far below the skin's surface to soothe and comfort the nerves. 


2. Pain Relief Aids 

Pain Management Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy system

Pain relief aids can help reduce the pain caused by fibromyalgia, especially when it becomes unbearable. Pain relief methods include cold therapy, heat therapy, electrotherapy, sound therapy, magnetic therapy, pain relief lotions and ointments, and pain relief caplets. Pain Management Arctic Ice Cold Therapy System helps reduce pain and swelling to facilitate rehabilitation. This cold therapy system provides up to 7 hours of continuous cryotherapy for a variety of indications and maintains a constant and precise temperature modality, and uses a patented semi-closed loop system. The Arctic Ice system is also used for the earliest stages of post-operative recovery, through rehabilitation, and for a post-recovery home to treat chronic pain of fibromyalgia tender points.  


3. Support Braces and Sleeves 

Aspen QuikDraw PRO Back Brace

Fibromyalgia can cause severe neck, back, waist, elbow, and knee pain. Support braces and orthopedic sleeves for elbow, cervical braces, back support braces, and knee support braces are beneficial in curbing the pain in fibromyalgia pain points. The Aspen QuikDraw PRO Back Brace restores functional mobility by offering powerful compression for quick pain relief. The QuikDraw PRO performance characteristics result in better patient compliance. The QuikDraw PRO leads to quick and long-lasting pain relief for better patient outcomes when coupled with a specific physical therapy regimen. 


Where can I buy Fibromyalgia Treatment Products?  

Most of the time, the pain around the joints results from other medical conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, or myofascial pain. Pain around the joint may or may not be due to fibromyalgia pain points. It is essential to consult a doctor to find the right method to curb the pain.  

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