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Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition or chronic syndrome that affects that way your brain processes pain signals resulting in amplified, chronic pain. Fibromyalgia affects the quality of life with side effects including pain and fatigue, sleep problems, and anxiety or depression. It is often characterized as a rheumatic condition that causes soft tissue pain or myofascial pain throughout different parts of the body. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, over 5 million adults over the age of 18 years suffer from fibromyalgia in the United States of America. Women are the most vulnerable to fibromyalgia.

What are the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a pain inducing condition and hence pain is one of the first signs of fibromyalgia. Other symptoms include:
  • pain and stiffness in the jaw
  • tiredness in facial muscles
  • stiff joints and muscles in the morning
  • restless leg syndrome
  • sensitivity to heat and cold
  • irregular sleeping patterns
  • tingling and numbness in the limbs
  • fatigue
  • irritable bowel syndrome
Sometimes, fibromyalgia can show a few more symptoms which are severe but rarer and are usually caused when an individual is suffering from another underlying condition. They are:
  • partial vision impairment
  • weight gain
  • skin problems
  • chest pain and problems
  • pelvic and urinary issues
  • breathing difficulty

What are the Causes of Fibromyalgia?

The exact cause of fibromyalgia has not been determined by doctors yet, but there are a number of causes that might induce fibromyalgia in an individual. They are:
Genetic – Fibromyalgia is often seen as a hereditary condition. The genes passed on by your ancestors might be the reason for your fibromyalgia making you more sensitive to pain.
Underlying Conditions – Conditions such as arthritis, infections, neurological disorders, etc. can be the underlying cause of fibromyalgia or might increase the chances of you contracting the condition.
Emotional/Physical Abuse – Traumatic emotional or physical experiences can be the reason one might suffer from fibromyalgia. Emotional or physical abuse during childhood is the most common reason for fibromyalgia induced from trauma.
PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder due to a traumatic experience can damage the pain receptors in the brain and cause fibromyalgia.
Anxiety or Depression – Mental health conditions and disorders can damage the processing power of the brain thus affect the pain receptors and causing fibromyalgia.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Since the exact cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, there is no specific procedure of treating fibromyalgia. However there are a few things one can do to alleviate the pain and reduce the effects of the other symptoms. They are:
  • Exercise – Exercise for fibromyalgia can help strengthen the muscles and bones and also improve blood circulation. Using exercise and fitness aids can help enhance all the bodily systems thus reducing effects of fibromyalgia on the body.
  • Massage Therapy – Massage therapy is one of the best ways to alleviate pain in minutes and also improves blood circulation. Massage can also help enhance the functioning of the nervous system thus restoring the ability of the body to properly process pain.
  • Pain Relief Aids – Pain relief aids can help reduce the pain caused by fibromyalgia, especially when it becomes unbearable. Pain relief aids such as cold therapy, heat therapy, electrotherapy, sound therapy, magnetic therapy, pain relief lotions and ointments, and pain relief caplets (only with a medical prescription).

Diet for Fibromyalgia

There are some dietary changes an individual can make to reduce the effects of fibromyalgia.
  • Avoiding Gluten Foods – According to Rheumatology International, gluten sensitivity has been linked to an increase in the chances and effects of fibromyalgia. Reducing the excessive consumption of gluten foods can help alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • High Energy Foods that are Low in Sugar – Choose foods that have plenty of fiber but low content of sugar such as almonds, beans, oatmeal, avocado, and tofu. They boost your energy and reduce the chances of the body getting tired easily.
  • Eat More Seeds and Nuts – Seeds and nuts contain powerful micronutrients and minerals that are important for cell function thus improving the function of the bodily symptoms and reducing the effects of fibromyalgia.

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