Abdominal Binders

An abdominal binder is an important surgical body garment used. In early postoperative phases of surgeries like an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or an abdominal liposuction a specific and important surgical body garment is used. It is called an abdominal binder. According to, approximately 120000 abdominoplasties are performed on men and women in the United States annually. Abdominal binders are essential in the postoperative care of these patients.

Abdominal BindersAbdominal BindersAbdominal Binders

How does it work?

It provides compression support to the upper and lower abdominal regions after early postoperative surgeries of the abdomen. It helps in improving blood circulations and increases the oxygen levels at the operation site. It helps in the healing process and also reduces swelling. It makes an individual heal faster and thus restore his daily mobility.

Other Important Functions!

In women who go through pregnancy at a late age, abdominal binders are prescribed to give support to the weak abdominal muscles after a normal or surgical birth. They are also sometimes given to people suffering from obesity or paralysis.


  • Abdominal BindersThe Scott Specialties IB Abdominal Binder is constructed of three-inch wide, plush-backed, elastic segments that create form-fitting support. Uni-Foam panel offers breathability and comfort to the abdomen. Easy to don with hook and loop closure.
  • The Dale 12 Inches Wide Abdominal Binders are the only binders that have been clinically shown to expedite the return of pulmonary function after open abdominal surgery while encouraging patients to ambulate sooner. These binders are made entirely of an exclusive stretch material that provides full, all-around compression and perfect sizing. They actually promote mobility and lessen the chance of sedentary complications.
  • The Gabrialla Angora Warming Support Binder is made with natural and breathable materials for comfort and warmth. It provides soothing natural warmth to the lower back, abdomen and hip area. This binder is comfortable to wear on a daily basis and practically invisible under clothing.
  • The Bodysport Three Panel Adjustable VELCRON® brand Abdominal Binder is made of stretch material which is pre-paneled to provide firm support and complete range of motion. It features VELCRON® brand closure so binder can be adjusted easily for a perfect fit. Improved patient comfort encourages patients to move around, promoting a faster recovery. Allows wound site to be accessed quickly and easily without adjusting tape.


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