Supporting the Trochanter

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What is the trochanter?

The trochanter is the anatomical part that connects the femur to the hip bone. They do not have specific functions but their main importance is that it connects the hip and the thigh muscles. There are three parts of the trochanter. The greater trochanter is the quadrilateral protruding part of the femur. It is large and irregular in shape. The lesser trochanter is is a conical protruding part and varies in size from person to person. The third trochanter is oblong, round, or conical and is the smallest of the three parts.

What are the problems associated with the trochanter?

Avlusion fracture, inflamed sacroiliac joints, and hip dysplasia are the major problems that can damage or alter the functioning of the trochanter. Greater trochanter pain syndrome or trochanteric bursitis is another problem which causes the inflammation of tehe trochanter causing immense pain in the lower hip and the upper regions of the thigh.

What are the solutions?

Trochanter belts can help a lot in these issues. They support the trochanteric region. They supplement the abdominal muscles by supporting the pelvic and sacrum regions. It helps reduce the strain in the muscles of that rregion.

What are my options?

  • BodySport Deluxe Black Trochanter Belt helps supplement abdominal muscles by supporting the pelvic and sacrum regions. Constructed of breathable, fiber covered material it can be worn during recreational activities. It has two-inch wide, black truss elastic for greater support and contains latex. Lasts up to 10,000 velcro closures.
  • BodySport White Trochanter Belt is three and half inches wide belt which provides additional support for painful sacroiliac joints. Made from breathable, padded, lightweight material with elastic double-pull tension straps with VELCRO brand. Can be used for hip dysplasia and lasts up to 10,000 VELCRO brand closures. It is worn centered along the center of the hips.
  • Core Body Shield Trochanter Belt stabilizes and supports the trochanter, pelvis and sacroiliac joints. It is made from Breathe-O-Prene which helps deliver oxygen back to the skins surface and aids in healing and tissue recovery. It improves circulation and wound healing, minimizes bruising and reduces swelling.
  • Core Semi-Universal Trochanter Belt has elastic side pulls which increase sacroiliac pressure, helps relieving muscle strain and supplement abdominal muscles while healing. Durable, plush, four-inch high 5000 closure hook-and-loop laminate body provides maximum support to the sacrum. Elastic insert adds stretch and compression.



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