Supporting a Broken Wrist

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The wrist is one of the most important joints in the hand. It is an indispensible part while functioning with complete mobility. There are eight bones that make up the wrist. They are known as carpals. They support the carpal tunnel that runs through the wrist. The tunnel holds tendons and nerves and is covered with ligaments.

Wrist pain is a very common phenomenon and affects people of all ages. Even the slightest of physical stress can trigger pain in wrist and the hand. Activities like typing, writing, sewing, etc. can cause pain and even result in carpel tunnel syndrome. A swelling around the wrist is one of the most common ways of diagnosing a wrist fracture or injury.

Depending on the problem, various methods of treatment are given to people. Many a time, the injury may even require surgery. Usually a cast or a splinter is enough to provide relief to the aching joint. Your doctor can advise you the best about what kind of treatment is best for your injury.

What are the exercises for treating an aching joint?

Stretching is an important exercise when treating an injured or recovering wrist. With the help of a friend or a therapist you can stretch the muscles of the wrist. Another good exercise is using a rubber band to stretch your fingers. They are perfect for injuries related to sports. Flexing the wrist using minimal weights is another good exercise to use as post treatment of a recovering wrist.

Supporting a Broken WristSupporting a Broken WristSupporting a Broken WristSupporting a Broken Wrist

Top Ten Wrist Supports And Braces

1. ALPS Universal Wrist Brace

ALPS Universal Wrist Brace restricts motion to the wrist and metacarpal joints following surgery or injury. The wrist is immobilized in a natural position by direct compression, relieving pain and helping to prevent re-injury. The brace contains a removable, malleable palmar stay support for custom fit and adjustment. It is a breathable and functional wrist support to support the CMC

Features of ALPS Universal Wrist Brace

  • Provides firm support for sprains and strains
  • Provides compression and support
  • Highest degree of durability and immobilization
  • Soft comfortable liner with stretch and support

2. Grasping Cuff With Wrist Support

Grasping Cuff With Wrist Support is designed for activities requiring a racket, cue, pole, bat or paddle. Those with limited hand function, yet good arm function, can adjust Dycem lined strap, which covers the top of hand and wraps around fingers.

Features of Grasping Cuff

  • Made of comfortable, soft suede
  • Fits right or left hand
  • D-ring and Velcro brand
  • Latex-free
  • Easy application and adjustment

3. Comfort Cool Ulnar Neoprene Wrist Orthosis

Comfort Cool Ulnar Neoprene Wrist Orthosis is a versatile splint that can be used to prevent ulnar deviation or wrist extension. The 1/16-inch (2.0mm) perforated neoprene offers support without excessive bulk or warmth. Comfort Cool Ulnar Wrist Orthosis is ideal for tendinitis, wrist instability, ulnar drift problems or triangular fibrocartilage complex tears. Included 3/32-inch (2.4mm) thick Encore thermoplastic insert offers firm support and restricts wrist movement depending on placement.

Features of Comfort Cool Neoprene Orthosis

  • Supports the wrist while allowing the thumb and fingers to move freely
  • Maintain firm support with custom-fit thermoplastic insert
  • Combine support with comfort with the pleasant terry cloth lining
  • Easily customize the fit by trimming
  • Stay cool with breathable perforated neoprene

4. ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist and Forearm Brace

ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist and Forearm Brace has cool, soft felt or brush nylon construction with doublepull design for convenient application. Dorsal stay within adjustable stay pod can be moved proximal or distal to the desired controlled range of motion. Quick-Fit Brace features a secondary dorsal stay which may be removed to accommodate rehabilitation needs and contoured palmer stay may be adjusted for specific patient needs.

Features of ProCare Wrist And Forearm Brace

  • New double-pull design for easier application
  • Improve surgical recovery
  • Designed to fit below palmar crease for full finger dexterity
  • Improve hand/wrist function
  • Fits a wide range of wrist sizes

5. Hely & Weber TKO Knuckle Orthosis

Hely & Weber TKO Knuckle Orthosis is made of perforated neoprene with hook compatible exterior. It provides positioning for fractures or injuries to metacarpals, phalanges, MCP and IP joints. This one reversible splint acts as a boxers fracture splint (ulnar gutter), radial gutter splint, middle and ring finger splint. Padded aluminum volar and dorsal stays are malleable for a custom fit.

Features of Hely & Weber Knuckle Orthosis

  • Straps are adjustable to accommodate swelling to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Four application in one brace
  • Distal buddy strapping eliminates finger rotation
  • Four applications in one brace

6. Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove - Full Finger Wrist Length

Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove - Full Finger Wrist Length is a 15-25mmHg glove which provides warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain. This compression glove features an open slit in the cuff for easy application and non-constricting fit. It is made of soft, silky nylon Lycra with seams on the outside for smooth edema control.

Features of Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove

  • Soothe pain and reduce swelling in arthritic hands
  • Provide warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain
  • Two wrist lengths and two-finger styles feature an open slit in the cuff for easy application and non-constricting fit
  • Made of soft, silky nylon and spandex blend, with seams on the outside for smooth edema control

7. Comfort Cool Wrist And Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

Comfort Cool Wrist And Thumb CMC Restriction Splint provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function. It is made of thin perforated neoprene with a terry cloth liner that helps keep skin cool and comfortable. It is a wrap-around thumb splint that supports the wrist for conditions such as tendinitis, arthritis, de Quervains, joint instabilities and post-surgical repair of the wrist and thumb.

Features of Comfort Cool CMC Restriction Splint

  • Special pull-through wrist strap requires less hand manipulation, making it easy to adjust and fasten the splint
  • Wide neoprene strap provides extra support and compression around the wrist
  • Lined with anti-microbial terrycloth
  • To size, measure palm circumference

8. Ovation Medical Versa Fit Wrist Brace

Ovation Medical Versa Fit Wrist Brace provides relief from pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains and wrist strains. Its extremely supportive and comfortable. The velcro strap enclosure makes for easy on and off.

Features of Ovation Medical Wrist Brace

  • Comfortable design and materials for patient compliance
  • Thin web space for patient comfort
  • Comfortably immobilizes the wrist while allowing full movement of hand and fingers
  • Allows for 90° MP range of motion
  • Wide thumb hole for unimpeded web motion and pinching

9. Titan Wrist Lacing Orthosis

Titan Wrist Lacing Orthosis is made of soft orthopedic felt with a nylon exterior. It keep wrist immobilied and fingers free. Anatomically contoured palmar and dorsal stays are malleable for customization and removable for step-down rehabilitation. On small hands, the eyelets will clamshell over the laces for a smooth overlap.

Features of Titan Wrist Lacing Orthosis

  • Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains, tendonitis or arthritis
  • Adjustable pull and lacing system fastens with one hand
  • With only two straps to fasten, quicker applications and readjustments can be made
  • Brace fits below the palmar crease for full finger dexterity

10. Modabber Kuhl Neoprene Short Length Wrist Orthosis

Modabber Kuhl Neoprene Short Length Wrist Orthosis is made of Kuhl perforated neoprene, which allows moisture to escape while retaining heat and providing compression. Aluminum palmar wrist stay is malleable and can be removed if necessary. The four-way stretch of the 1/8" thick neoprene ensures the orthosis conforms to the hand. Unique interior strap allows wearer to fasten splint quickly around wrist and hand.

Features of Modabber Neoprene Wrist Orthosis

  • Patient-assist strap makes independent application simple
  • Plush exterior material makes for a sleek appearance and ideal sleeping wrist support
  • Aluminum palmal stay is removable and malleable fora custom fit
  • Universal size fits most
  • Measures 5"(12.7cm) from palm crease to forearm edge

Where to Buy Wrist Supports and Braces Online?

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