7 Best Knee Braces for Running

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If you're a runner, you've probably experienced knee pain at some point, whether it has been caused due to overtraining or some other cause. Your knees act as a shock absorber while acting as the key mechanical component that controls your mobility while you run. Approximately 20% of running injuries affect the knees. Looking for early warning signs and strengthening your hinges can go a long way in running strong.  

See your orthopedic doctor for major knee injuries and chronic knee pain, while mild knee pain and inflammation can be managed at home with rest, cold therapy, and an OTC knee brace. 

If you are trying to cope with knee pain, injury, or knee instability, you’ve probably considered wearing a compression sleeve or knee brace for support and compression. Knee braces also help in relieving pain and inflammation in the knee joint. 

Benefits of wearing a knee brace

  1. Provides support to the kneecap (patella) and ligaments of the knee. 
  2. Prevents instability by maintaining the alignment of the knee joint.
  3. Minimizes stress and strain on the knee joint.
  4. Provides pain relief and prevents further injury during the recovery period. 
  5. Minimizes inflammation of the knee by providing the required compression.
  6. Great tool for high-level dynamic athletes to protect against knee injuries. 

What to look for when buying a knee brace? 

You may consider a knee brace if the pain gradually starts while running. It may indicate a repetitive use injury to your knee joint. A bit of compression and support at the right time can help prevent future instability. Here are some things you should look for while selecting a knee brace: 

  1. Flexibility: You require more support and less flexibility for vigorous sports like weightlifting. You might need more flexibility and less support if you run, cycle, or do light exercises. If you have almost recovered from an injury, you might need even greater flexibility and very little support. 
  2. Durability: The key factor to be considered while buying knee support is durability. It depends greatly upon the production quality and standards of manufacturing. Looking at the type of seams and the knee brace's shape can help you decide what works best for you. Under normal use, the knee braces should typically last between a year or two. 
  3. Warmth: Warmth helps in better blood circulation. The compression, when combined with warmth, improves the functioning of the knee joint. Thicker knee braces are warmer, while thin knee sleeves provide less warmth. Selection depends greatly upon the personal preference of athletes. 
  4. Comfort: The ergonomics of the sleeve is a critical factor in deciding whether you’re comfortable wearing the knee sleeve or not. Comfort plays an important role in deciding the efficacy of knee support. Look for the size, materials, and seams that are more comfortable for you to wear during sports training.  
  5. Size: Consider the sizing guides that manufacturers offer and measure accordingly. Choosing the right size is important for your comfort and the proper functioning of the knee brace. 

Types of knee braces and their uses

Here are the available types of knee supports and their features for you to make an informed choice. 

  • Knee Sleeves: Knee sleeves render compression, stability, and support to the knee joint. They are commonly used for running, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, or recovery. 
  • Knee Braces: Knee braces are mostly recommended by orthopedic professionals for correction and to help recover from injuries.
  • Knee Wraps: Knee wraps provide greater support and are considered by powerlifters and general heavy competitive lifting athletes to assist in their performance. 

7 Best Knee Braces for Running  

1. Thermoskin Elastic Stabilizing Knee Sleeve

The Thermoskin Elastic Stabilising Knee Sleeve contours to the shape of the knee to enhance the range of movement. The seamless design of this compression sleeve provides even compression and support to weakened and injured knees, and the seamless design also minimizes bunching. Increased medial and lateral support is provided by the unique side stabilizers on either side of the knee support.

  • Support Level: Mild 
  • Warmth Level: Low


  • Compression and support for weak and injured knees.

2. Advanced Orthopedics Sport Knee Sleeve Support

The Advanced Orthopaedics Sport Knee Sleeve Support comprises thick SpenCore material for added comfort. It comprises Neoprene coated, 4-way stretch nylon fabric tapered in the back for a comfortable fit. The open patella relieves pressure on the patella area

  • Support Level: Mild to Moderate


  • Mild to moderate ligament joint pain
  • Knee strains
  • Sprains of the knee ligaments
  • Patellar instabilities

3. Thuasne Genu PRO ACTIV Knee Brace

The Thuasne Genu PRO ACTIV Knee Brace is designed to be used for maintenance, compression, and support of the knee after mild or moderate knee strains or sprains. It features a patented silicone patellar insert and medical-grade compression for patient comfort and stability. Double upright hinges provide stability to the knee joint. This knee brace's 3D knit, low profile design perfectly adapts to morphology with minimum bulk during activity. 

  • Support Level: Mild to moderate


  • Compression and support of the knee after mild or moderate knee strains or sprains.

4. FLA Orthopedics ProLite 3D Knee Support

The FLA Orthopedics ProLite 3D Knee Support has an innovative knit structure that provides gradient compression to promote healing. It is designed with an anatomical contour that supports the knee in motion and is great for activities like running, walking, cycling, etc. A medical-grade silicone insert guides the patella and massages surrounding soft tissues to help reduce swelling. Constructed with moisture-wicking fibers, this premium knee support is a lightweight, breathable alternative to neoprene.

  • Support Level: Mild to moderate


  • Stabilization for weak or injured knees

5. Actimove Sports Edition Adjustable Knee Stabilizer

The Actimove Sports Edition Adjustable Knee Stabilizer provides pain relief and healing through supported balanced warmth and medical compression. It offers great comfort with exceptional breathability through a quick-drying perforated performance material.

  • Warmth: Mild
  • Support: Mild to Moderate


  • Patellar pain syndrome
  • Patellar tracking and subluxation
  • Patellar instability
  • Chrondromalacia patella
  • Patellar tendonitis  

6. Bort StabiloGen Eco Patella Adult Knee Brace

The Bort StabiloGen Eco Patella Adult Knee Brace supports injured tissue structures, including joints, ligaments, capsules, and cartilage. The compression of this knee brace provides for the holding function of ligaments and relieves pressure on the joint. This knee support also prevents negative movement of the knee while the joint is unstable. The patellar pad provides a massaging action that reduces swelling and also places the patella (kneecap) into the normal position.  

  • Support: Moderate to high.


  • Chronic, post-traumatic, or post-operative irritations of knee joint soft tissues
  • Recurrent articular effusion
  • Gonarthrose
  • Arthritis
  • Ligament instability
  • Meniscopathy

7. Hely & Weber Knapp Hinged Knee Orthosis

The Hely & Weber Knapp Hinged Knee Orthosis is a highly durable knee brace that provides greater stretch and support. It is better suited for athletic use to prevent side impact injuries during contact sports. This hinged knee brace has fully covered hinges for sports activities and an elasticized thigh strap that ensures comfort at all times. 

  • Support: Moderate to high


  • Meniscus tears
  • Ligament sprains
  • Arthritis  

Where to buy the best knee braces for running? 

The Rehab Store offers a huge variety of knee support braces to help you cope with knee injury, pain, and stabilization problems that occur during sports. 

These knee compression sleeves are made of soft materials for comfort and are designed to provide the right amount of compression to the knee. They help stabilize the knee and prevent further injury to the knee joint. 

Knee braces are mostly preferred by people with mild to moderate knee problems and by athletes while training or playing sports to protect their knees from damage caused by repetitive motions

While many knee braces are available over the counter, it is best to consult an orthopedic professional about the type of brace you should use, how and when to use it, and how long you should wear it in case of chronic knee pain or major knee injuries.  

The recommendation of a physical therapist or physician is your most trusted source.  


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