Magnetic Insoles

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Shoe insoles or inserts are also known as a foot orthosis. They accomplish many purposes which include daily wear comfort, foot and joint pain relief from arthritis, overuse, injuries, and other causes such as orthopedic correction, smell reduction and athletic performance.

There are two types of insoles or inserts, textured and ridged. Textured insoles have a raised textured surface to increase mechanical contact and pressure on the feet. Ridged insoles have ridges on the edge of the insoles to increase coetaneous stimulators.

Magnetic insoles come with magnets inside them. Usually round magnets are used. They increase the blood circulation in the feet while walking and also heal any kinds of sores or blisters by boosting the body’s ability to heal.

Magnetic InsolesMagnetic InsolesMagnetic InsolesMagnetic Insoles

For example the Therion Ener-Flex Magnetic Insoles helps to effectively relieve foot discomfort and avoid aches and pains caused by standing and walking for extended periods of time. These are designed with three different layers of therapeutic cushioning to absorb shock and reduce stress, as well as relieve pressure on the lower back, hips and knees.

The BIOflex Flat Insoles are comfortable shock-absorbing magnetic cushions. They allow for increased blood circulation, providing pain relief, acceleration of the healing process and relief of pain and numbness.

The BIOflex Magnetic Orthotics Foot Care reduces the pressure on corns and calluses and relieve leg fatigue and back pain by supporting your foot’s natural structure. Its magnetic therapy increases blood circulation, accelerates healing process and provides relief from pain and numbness.

The Therion Neo-Flex Magnetic Insoles provide powerful magnetic therapy by using neodymium magnets to ease more severe foot discomfort. These insoles effectively ease symptoms of diabetic foot neuropathy, heel pain and other chronic degenerative conditions. Its ergonomic three layer cushioning reduces strain on the knees, lower back and hips for all day comfort.


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