Dealing with Winter Aches and Pains

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Winter season not only freezes our fingers and toes, leaving our bodies shivering, but also cause winter aches and pains. The condition worsens for people who normally suffer from joint and muscle pain. Nerve endings of muscle tissues are susceptible to temperature changes that occur in the environment. Thus, the decrease in the temperature leads to stiffness, cramps and body aches in winter. You can follow some common tips stated below to overcome such pain and discomfort which stops you from welcoming winters.

Dealing with Winter Aches and Pains

Tips for Dealing with Winter Aches and Pains

Rather than popping up pills every time you suffer from cold weather aches and pains, you should go for some alternative remedies for body pain which will have no side effects in the long run. Consider the below-given tips to overcome winter aches and pains quickly and effectively.

1. Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly is the best way to keep the body fit and active. It becomes more important in winters because our bodies naturally stiffen up a bit. You can choose to exercise indoors if weather is chilly outdoors. Make sure you choose an exercise equipment that is gentle and does not put much strain on the joints or hurt your body. This can help you strengthen the muscles and increase the flexibilty of the body.

2. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy products are a must in chilly winters. Cold breeze and decreased temperatures affect our muscles and bones causing stiffness and lack of activity. This seasonal reduction in activity results in chronic pain and soreness. Heat therapy products provide a soothing effect while stimulating blood flow, decreasing inflammation and relieving joint pain naturally.

3. Magnetic Therapy

Cold temperatures cause decrease in blood flow and oxygen to joints and muscles, resulting in winter aches and pain. Magnetic therapy products can help in winters by increasing the oxygen supply and blood flow to the affected areas of the body. This relieves joint pains and promotes overall wellness.

4. Massage

You can reduce inflammation and relax your muscles by a gentle massage with warm oil. You can also opt to choose different types of massaging products that will improve the blood circulation of the body. Massage creams and lotions go deep beneath the skin to relieve pain and can be used for manual massaging. There are electronic massagers as well which cover all body areas and provide quick relief from pain. Massage cushions can also be used to relax lower back part of the body.

5. Warm Bath

Taking warm baths in winters can be absolutely relaxing and de-stressing. It relieves body aches, relaxes tense muscles and treats other joint-related conditions. Adding some bath salt in the tub can prove to be more beneficial. Taking bath in a tub with water jets can help in massaging a sore back. Always make sure that the water in the tub is not too hot or otherwise you may end up getting dry and cracked skin.

6. Pain Relievers

Try and use natural pain relievers as much as possible. Over the counter pain relievers can help in treating the pain in the short run but can have side effects in the long run. You can use pain relief patches, gels and sprays instead of tablets because they are less harmful. Pain relievers can help in treating pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains, joint and muscle soreness, etc.

7. Drink more Water

It is common that in winters we feel less thirsty and our liquid intake decreases significantly. We tend to take more and more hot beverages which adds up to the dehydration process. As a result, our skin gets drier and the complications in the body increase. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to drink high amounts of water even in winters. Water makes the cartilage soft and keep them hydrated. It also helps in maintaining the adequate volume of blood in the body so that nutrients can reach to all the joints via blood.

8. Meditation

You can also practice meditation to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. It will reduce pain and teach your brain to focus on things other than pain.

By following the above-mentioned tips you can overcome your winter aches and pains up to a great extent. It will keep you healthy and active all through the season.


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