Cervical Traction Systems

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Cervical traction refers to a type of continuous or intermittent traction applied to the spine in which a head halter with weights on is worn by the patient. It maintains the proper alignment of the cervical spine during a fracture or an injury.

In this method traction is applied to the cervical spine by applying force to lift the head or a mobilization technique to distract individual joints of the vertebrae. The reaction can be done manually or by using a traction device. It is frequently used to relieve pain caused by a herniated disc.

Placing a stretch on the spine separates the vertebrae, and helps to relieve direct nerve pressure and stress on the vertebral discs. Cervical traction is more useful for neck conditions than for lower back pain.

What are the Exercises with Traction Treatment?

There are a number of ways you can boost the effects of the treatment. After your cervical fracture or pain has been reduced to its minimum, you can start with exercises. Always ask your doctor before performing any kind of exercise or activity. Resting is one of the first and foremost activities that can help a lot. Resting just doesn’t mean lying down. Resting includes specifically resting the joints and muscles of the affected region. Other activities include soft tissue massages, and taking care of your posture while sitting or walking. One should avoid all kinds of stressful and physically exerting work until the doctor clears you for it.

Top Ten Cervical Traction Systems

1. Core Overhead Traction

Core Overhead Traction helps to alleviate pressure on the spinal column. A variable, water-filled weight bag provides necessary tension. It can help relieve joint-related back and neck pain by stretching and separating joints. The system includes an adjustable head harness, door mount, pulley assembly and weight bag to customize pressure to patients needs. Consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

2. Chattanooga TX Traction System

Chattanooga TX Traction System provides clinically-proven pain treatment that gets to the root of Cervical and Lumbar Pain, allowing clinicians to mimic the feel and effectiveness of hands-on treatment using fully programmable pull patterns. It relieves pain and restores function by mobilizing the muscles, ligaments and joints decompressing the nerve roots and distracting intervertebral discs. Graduated static, intermittent and cyclic tension options closely mimic the feel of hands-on therapy.

Features of Chattanooga Traction System

  • Digital monochromatic touch screen interface
  • Intermittent, static and cyclic traction
  • 270° pivoting user interface
  • Store up to 10 user defined protocols

3. Saunders Cervical Traction Device With Carrying Case

Saunders Cervical Traction is designed to provide safe and effective traction to the cervical region. The device requires minimal assembly and is ready to use in no time. It directs traction force towards the cervical area (back of neck). User has total control of force at all times.

Features of Saunders Cervical Traction Device

  • Delivers up to 50lbs. of cervical traction
  • Angle adjuster has 3 position settings
  • Increased portability with Light weight design
  • Adjustable & comfortable headrest
  • Self-adjusting neck wedges

4. Bilt-Rite Pelvic Traction Set

Bilt-Rite Pelvic Traction Set is designed to fit any patients size or shape. The belt is made with soft and comfortable foam. Easy hook and loop closure, and removable straps can be positioned anywhere on the belt to maximize effective pull angle.

Bilt-Rite Pelvic Traction Set includes

  • Mattress clamp
  • Spreader bar
  • Traction cord
  • Universal pelvic belt
  • Water weight bag (20 pounds)

5. Core RB Traction Pillow

Core RB Traction Pillow helps provide comfort during cervical traction procedures and protects traction tables from unnecessary wear and tear when using cervical traction devices. It raises shoulders and supports the lower cervical area, thus increases overall comfort for patients. It contains high quality, precision cut foam with vinyl cover for easy cleaning. It is latex-free.

6. Core Traction System

Core Traction System helps restore the bodys proper cervical curve by applying gentle rotational traction. Effective, affordable and convenient. System contains adjustable head harness, adjustable weight bag (upto 5lb) and either the 3.75" Foam Positioning Roll or the Soothe-A-Ciser. Consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

7. Everyway4all EverTrac Cervical Traction Device

Everyway4all EverTrac Cervical Traction Device is the ultimate cervical traction unit that is safe to be used in the comfort of home. This device provides effective traction or stretching to neck (cervical area) with direct tractional force toward the occiput or back of the head to effectively reduce strain on the jaw and neck.

8. Everyway4all EverTrac Cervical Traction Add-On Device

Everyway4all EverTrac Cervical Traction Add-On Device is molded from a carefully selected high-quality composite polymer. The complete slider is made of light-weight extruded aluminum. The over-hanger, joints, and pulley are all constructed from high-grade anodized (hard coated) aluminum. Especially the Block Joints and Pulleys are CNC milled and machined to perfection from a whole billet aluminum.

Features of Everway4all Cervical Traction Device

  • Components and parts of the CT850 are hands assembled with precision
  • Installation and dismantling is simple, swift and effortless
  • Adjustment of traction angle is simply done by the electric or hydraulic elevation feature of the traction table

9. Everyway4all Tracion-u Traction Unit

Everyway4all Tracion-u Traction Unit is equipped with a Patient Switch for full control of an emergency situation, all at the hands of a patient. With the ET800, the user has the ultimate traction system in home, clinic, hospital or rehab center. The Tracion-u ET800 works best on Traction EU300, however, it also can be fitted with tables of other make.

Features of Everyway4all Traction Unit

  • Works best on Traçion EU300
  • Weight reading of kgs and lbs can also be switched
  • Equipped with a patient switch for full control of an emergency situation
  • Easy to adjust hold and rest knobs

10. Fabtrac Overdoor Cervical Traction with Head Halter

Fabtrac Overdoor Cervical Traction with Head Halter provide tension for cervical traction treatment. Fabtrac Overdoor Traction mounts over the door and are machine mashable. Fabtrac Cervical Traction includes universal head halter, 20 pound capacity water bag and hardware.

Where to Buy Cervical Traction Devices Online?

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