All About The Therabite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System

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The human jaw is the only movable bone in the body and is one of the most powerful working mechanisms of the humans. With the capacity to exert a force of around 160 pounds per square inch, the jaw is a very powerful system. There are two parts of the jaw, the upper jaw, and the lower jaw, also called the mandible. The mandible is not very prone to injuries on its own but accidents or other such incidences make the mandible very vulnerable. 

What are the Problems that affect the Jaw?

The jaw is made of muscles, bones, and tendons, which are all susceptible to injury. The two major problems we will discuss in the article are trismus and mandibular hypomobility.

What is Trismus Hypomobility?

Commonly called lockjaw, it is a situation when the jaw loses near or all ability to move. A restricted or low range of motion results in the inability to eat, speak, and also many a time breath properly.

All About the Therabite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System

Symptoms of Trismus:

The inability to swallow also known as dysphagia is a common problem associated with trismus. Pain while moving the jaw and also complete inability to move the jaw are the major symptoms of Trismus.

Problems associated with Trismus:

These can lead to greater problems such as dehydration, malnutrition, and muscle/joint degradation. It can be easily cured but if associated with Arthritis or other such diseases than it turns chronic, and requires constant treatment and rehab. 

What is Mandibular Hypomobility?

Also referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, the common symptoms are pain and restricted movement of the mandible. It might not be fatal but can cause a lot of major problem in our daily life.

All About the Therabite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System

Symptoms of Mandibular Hypomobility:

The pain begins from the muscles at the rear of the mandible and then slowly grows towards the front thus restricting the movement of the mandible. The pain is usually concentrated to one part of the mandible. The other problems that arise because of this are breathing issues, severe headaches, and myofascial pain.

Causes of Mandibular Hypomobility:

  • Tearing of the rear muscles of the mandible

  • Degenerative joint disease

  • Psychosocial factors such as stress and trauma

  • Bruxism

  • Genetic or hormonal reasons

What is the Therabite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System?

A portable system designed specifically to heal and rehabilitate people suffering from trismus and mandibular hypomobility. Therabite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System is clinically proven and anatomically designed to provide comfort and relief to people suffering from hypomobility.


Components of Therabite Jaw Motion System Kit:

The kit comprises of six different components all of which play an important part.

  • The Jaw Mobilizer - The CPU of the kit, this is the main component that is used for rehab.
  • Bite Pads - They help in spreading the force across the teeth. They can be trimmed and stacked according to one's needs.

  • ROM Scales - It helps the user to measure the jaw movement and also keep a track of the healing and changes.

  • Carry Bag - Not a very technologically revolutionary thing, but is the component that makes it portable.

  • Patient Progress Log - One can maintain a log of all the changes in measurements and the ROM so that it is easier for the doctor as well as the caretaker to take further necessary steps.

  • Hand-Aids - It helps the user keep the mouth open so that the mobilizer can be placed perfectly into the mouth.


Features of Therabite Jaw Motion System:

  • First and foremost, the Therabite System is portable in nature and can be transported and stored wherever one wants to.

  • The Fine Adjustment Knob is a feature that can adjust the speed and opening range of the mobilizer.

  • The anatomical shape of the mobilizer moves perfectly in line with the jaw and its motion.

  • The bite pads provide a load bearing support and make it comfortable for use.

  • It is an effective solution for hypomobility and has helped more than 3000 people around the world.

Benefits of Therabite Jaw Motion System:

  • Increases the ROM of the jaw

  • Helps in alleviating the pain of hypomobility

  • Increase the strength of the jaw

  • Speeds up the recovery process

  • Gives the user the recluse of using it at home

  • Reduces clinical intervention

What is the 7-7-7 Protocol?

Regular exercises using the Therabite Jaw Motion System is a must to achieve maximum output. The 7-7-7 protocol is an exercise where the system is used for 7 stretches each reaching 7 seconds with a 7 seven second pause between each stretch. This has to be done 7 times a day.

What is the 7-7-7 Jaw Protocol?

The jaw is one of the most important mechanisms of the human body and keeping it healthy is of utmost importance. Any problems in the functionality of the jaw can result in eating, breathing, and speaking disorders. The Therabite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System is designed to keep the jaw healthy and fit.  


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