Supporting the Lumbosacral Region

What is the LumboSacral region?

The LumboSacral region is the part of the abdomen that consists of the lower spine, the lower abdomen and the sacrum which is the triangular bone at the base of the spine. The sacrum is differently shaped in men and women. Hence it is also called sexually dimorphic. This region consists of the major muscles that assist with rotation, flexibility, and strength.

What are the problems associated with the LumboSacral region?

The muscles in this region are vulnerable to injuries that can be caused by heavy lifting or twisting. Strains and sprains in the lower back can also be a problem. Other problems may include a slip disc, a spina bifida, or a lumbar puncture.

What are the ways to treat these problems?

LumboSacral supports are the way to go. They are a combination of belts or straps that support the back as well as the front of the lower abdomen. They are good for people who are involved in heavy lifting on a daily basis. They give good stability and support to the spine.

What are my options?

  • Core Dual Pull Elastic Crisscross Lumbosacral Belt is designed to prevent or alleviate muscle strain and spasms. It also provides superior abdominal compression critical for lower back support during a wide range of activities. Supplements stretched or weakened abdominal musculature and helps reduce inflammation.

Supporting the Lumbosacral Region

  • Rolyan Crisscross Controlled Back Support features crisscross style in front and back which creates firm compression and flexible support. The overlapping abdominal straps provide exceptional lumbar and abdominal support. It has three separate closures for customized compression and fit.

Supporting the Lumbosacral Region

  • BodySport Dual Control Lumbosacral Body Support has nine inches wide all-elastic construction which provides a long-wearing brace with expected life of up to 10,000 closures. Its double-pull design provides greater stability than single-pull support. Gives added support to lower spine for minor activities and has removable second pull strap. Contains latex.

Supporting the Lumbosacral Region

  • Optec Stealth Rehab Lumbo Sacral Orthosis Back Brace has rigid front and back panels that are designed to produce compression to reduce intervertebral discs load to the lumbar region. The unique polymer closure system allows for precise compression and increased spinal reinforcement. The anterior and posterior panels automatically contour to the patients shape, size and lordotic curve.

Supporting the Lumbosacral Region


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