Supporting a Broken Wrist

The wrist is one of the most important joints in the hand. It is an indispensible part while functioning with complete mobility. There are eight bones that make up the wrist. They are known as carpals. They support the carpal tunnel that runs through the wrist. The tunnel holds tendons and nerves and is covered with ligaments.

Wrist pain is a very common phenomenon and affects people of all ages. Even the slightest of physical stress can trigger pain in wrist and the hand. Activities like typing, writing, sewing, etc. can cause pain and even result in carpel tunnel syndrome. A swelling around the wrist is one of the most common ways of diagnosing a wrist fracture or injury.

Depending on the problem, various methods of treatment are given to people. Many a time, the injury may even require surgery. Usually a cast or a splinter is enough to provide relief to the aching joint. Your doctor can advise you the best about what kind of treatment is best for your injury.

What are the exercises for treating an aching joint?

Stretching is an important exercise when treating an injured or recovering wrist. With the help of a friend or a therapist you can stretch the muscles of the wrist. Another good exercise is using a rubber band to stretch your fingers. They are perfect for injuries related to sports. Flexing the wrist using minimal weights is another good exercise to use as post treatment of a recovering wrist.

What are my options for items that can help a recovering wrist?

Supporting a Broken WristSupporting a Broken WristSupporting a Broken WristSupporting a Broken Wrist

  • Alimed Antimicrobial Blue Carrot Hand Orthosis Kit solves the toughest hand contracture problems while inhibiting microbial growth on carrots surface. The carrot has soft covering which is permanently impregnated with agion antimicrobial odor control. This carrot is s filled with tiny plastic microspheres that are highly conforming and resilient so the orthosis will not increase spasticity.

  • ALPS Universal Wrist Brace restricts motion to the wrist and metacarpal joints following surgery or injury. The wrist is immobilized in a natural position by direct compression, relieving pain and helping to prevent re-injury. The brace contains a removable, malleable palmar stay support for custom fit and adjustment. It is a breathable and functional wrist support to support the CMC and MP joints.

  • AT Surgical Unisex Lace Wrist Support combines double lace-up and VELCRO® brand closures for a perfect fit. It features a malleable aluminum stay for proper cock-up of hand. It is breathable and washable.

  • Deluxe Wrist Drop Orthosis Universal Cuff is sewn into the palmer strap of the brace, accommodates eating utensils and writing instruments, assisting with daily functions.


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