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What are wearable weights?

As the name suggests, wearable weights are weights one wears while exercising. These include ankle and wrist weights and weighted vests. ‌ Some people add wearable weights when they walk or run to boost the intensity of a workout. But there are some risks when exercising with wearable weights.

Wearable weights are a great substitute for dumbells. Some people use the weighted vest for running or walking to boost the intensity of strength and weight training.

What are the different types of wearable weights?

Wearable weights are pieces of strength training equipment, including weighted vests, ankle weights, and wrist weights. They allow you to intensify any home workout while moving freely and performing movements. The added resistance makes workouts more challenging, both mentally and physically. Furthermore, wearable weights help improve cardio endurance by making the body work harder. They come in various sizes, styles, and weight levels.

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1. Ankle Weights

These wearable weights are attached to a wide strap wrapping around the ankle with Velcro.‌ Using ankle weights of one to three pounds while exercising raises the heart rate by two to five beats per minute, increasing oxygen consumption and providing better oxygen levels to the working tissues.

Wearing ankle weights can also strengthen the gluteus medius muscles. These muscles are attached to the hip to stabilize the pelvic area. The added weight makes the gluteus medius muscle work harder, forcing the muscles to develop. Subsequently, a weak gluteus medius muscle can cause severe lower back pain. Thus, working out with ankle and wrist weights can also help curb back and hip pain.

2. Weighted Vests

Wearing a weighted workout vest adds more to a normal walk without straining the hands or ankles. A weighted vest has weights attached and straps to hold it in place. Certain weighted vest for walking also have pockets to add more weights.

Pick a weighted vest that is lesser than ten percent of your total body weight to avoid using excessive wearable weight while working out. For example, a person weighing 180 pounds should not use a weighted vest that weighs more than 18 pounds.

3. Wrist Weights

Wrist weights come with a wide band to wrap around the wrist. Wearing wrist weights less than 3 pounds can add some intensity to your workout session. It is recommended to use a weighted bracelet or wrist weights of not more than 3 pounds since anything heavier than three pounds can put too much stress on the wrist and shoulder joint and harm the forearm and shoulder muscles.

Benefits of Ankle and Wrist Weights

How to use ankle weights and wrist weights?

  • There are risks when exercising with wearable weights, especially if you have back, joint, or balance problems. So, consult your doctor before you add them to your exercise routine.
  • Consider buying adjustable wearable weights so you can add or remove weights as required.
  • When working out with wearable weights, begin with a lighter weight and slowly increase the weight as you get comfortable.
  • Do not swing your arms too much, which can stress your joints.

Where to buy Best Wearable Weights?

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