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The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint formed where the femur (thigh bone) meets the pelvis. The ball-shaped head on the end of the femur fits into a socket in the pelvis, called the acetabulum. Large tendons, muscles, and ligaments around the hip joint hold the ball and socket in place and keep it from dislocating. The hip joint is responsible for mobility, and it gives the stability needed to bear the body. So, any disease, injury, or trauma that affects hip function can significantly reduce a person’s independence.

The thigh is the area of the upper leg between the hip joint and the knee. The thigh contains some of the largest muscles in the body, and they allow the lower body to bend, flex and rotate. They keep the hips and legs aligned, bear most of the body’s weight, and help with balance. Thigh pain can occur due to an injury caused by a fall, direct blow to the thigh, or overstretching and twisting during activities or sports. Sometimes thigh pain may begin for no apparent reason. Thigh problems can cause symptoms like pain, swelling, and bruising.

Signs and Symptoms of Hip Problems

  • Hip pain or groin pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • A joint bulge or another deformity
  • Inability to move the leg or hip
  • Difficulty sleeping on the hip
  • Clicking or snapping sounds in the hip
  • Warmth over the hip
  • Leg or foot weakness

What are common causes of Hip Pain?


Most of the time, osteoarthritis contributes to hip pain. It occurs when the cartilage in the hip joint wears away over time due to growing age or because of a previous hip injury. Osteoarthritis can cause painful, stiff, and tender joints.

Hip Fractures 

Hip fractures cause sudden, severe pain and require immediate medical attention. Hip fractures often occur after a fall or direct blow to the hip. Fractures are also common in older adults and in those who have osteoporosis.


Bursitis is caused when the fluid-filled sacs (bursa) in the joint becomes inflamed, and it results in pain and stiffness around the hip joint:


Tendons are the cords that attach the muscle to the bone. Tendonitis is caused when the tendons are irritated and inflamed, mainly due to overuse. One may experience pain, tenderness, and swelling in the affected area. Hip tendonitis is more common in active people who participate in sports like soccer, swimming, running, bicycling, or other high-intensity sports.

Hip Impingement 

Hip impingement normally occurs when the femoral head pinches up against the acetabulum. When this happens, damage to the cartilage that surrounds the acetabulum can occur, causing stiffness and pain. Hip impingement can also increase the risk of premature osteoarthritis.

Hip Labrum Tear

The labrum is the band of cartilage that runs around the hip socket and ensures the ball of the thighbone stays in place. Overuse or injury to the hip can cause labral tear and causes pain in the hip or groin and limits movement. 

Thigh and Hip Pain Relief Products

Thigh Compression Sleeves

A thigh compression sleeve is a flexible wrap worn around the thigh to provide support and compression to the thigh. It relieves the sore and stiff muscles by increasing the blood flow and retaining therapeutic warmth. The thigh wrap is utilized for various conditions, including sprains, edema, varicose veins, sports injuries, etc. A thigh support brace helps with quadriceps and hamstring injuries to offer support, reduce swelling, and speedy recovery.

Hip Protectors 

Hip protectors are specially designed pants or underwear with pads to prevent hip fractures following a fall. These hip protector undergarments feature discreet, comfortable, closed-cell foam pads positioned directly over the hip joint for maximum protection.

Hip Abduction Braces

A Hip abduction brace is used after a hip dislocation or a hip replacement surgery. The brace holds the femur in the hip socket and prevents excess motion in the hip to promote healing. A hip abduction brace keeps the hips and knees apart and supports the hip joint allowing proper healing in the abduction position.

Hip Abduction Pillows

A hip abduction pillow is designed to hold the hip in one position preventing it from moving out of the joint and to support the hip after surgery. The pillow is placed between the thighs and attached to the legs with straps.       

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