Skil-Care Hip-Ease Hip Protector

Skil-Care Hip-Ease Hip Protector

Brand/Manufacturer: SKIL CARE CORP
  • FSA Approved

Skil-Care Hip-Ease Hip Protector features high-density foam pads that are positioned over the hip to reduce impact in the event of a fall. It can be worn beneath or above clothing, overall undergarments, including adult diapers. Its breathable fabric provides cool comfort and it is completely machine launderable after removing foam pads. Protector comes with Velcro closures that secure easily at waist and thigh.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
2970011588 X-Small Each
911452 Small Each
911454 Medium Each
911456 Large Each
911458 X-Large Each
2970011589 XX-Large Each

More Information

  • Easy to Use: 
    - Unfasten all Velcro straps.
    - Place waistband around users waist. The label should be positioned at the back and on the inside of the waistband.
    - Secure Velcro closures at the front of the waist. The fit should be snug enough to prevent the device from shifting, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.
    - Position the side panels containing the foam pads over the left and right hips. The pads are placed directly on the hip joints.
    - Fasten the Velcro leg straps. These should be secure enough to prevent the panels from shifting, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.
  • Caution:
    - The skin under the waist and leg bands should be assessed on a regular basis. Hip-Ease should be changed and laundered after each incontinence episode. The foam pads are sealed in plastic pouches to protect them against water absorption. If the pouch seal is broken or the plastic torn, the pads will absorb water during laundering. The water soaked foam may promote bacteria growth. Test the integrity of each pouch the following laundering by squeezing it. If you hear or feel liquid or air escaping, the pouch is damaged. Discard damaged pouch and replace with new one.
  • Easy to Care:
    - Skil-Care Hip-Ease can be laundered and dried at temperatures up to 180 degree F (82 degree C). Secure hook-and-loop closures prior to laundering to prevent lint from adhering to hook material. If closures do not secure due to lint, remove lint from hook material using a stiff brush.



Waist Measurements

X-Small 26" to 28" (66cm to 71cm)


28" to 30" (71cm to 76cm)


30" to 34" (76cm to 86cm)


34" to 38" (86cm to 96cm)


38" to 42" (96cm to 106cm)


42" to 46" (106cm to 116cm)

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