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With its multiple joints, opposable thumb, anchored skin, and several involved muscles, the hand plays an extremely important role in daily activities.  Hand, wrist, and finger muscles originate at the elbow, forearm, and within the hand itself. These are some of the most overlooked yet important muscles for developing strength and coordination.  

Pain and discomfort in the hand can lower an individual’s quality of life and hence must be taken care of.  In order to restore mobility, strength, and dexterity to damaged arms, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers, intensive and professionally supervised therapy is essential. 

At Rehab-Store, there are a variety of hand and finger exercise devices from top brands like CanDo , Rolyan, Sammons Preston , Blue Jay etc. to assist individuals in regaining function. In addition to helping individuals heal and return to pre-injury strength, mobility, and coordination, occupational therapists and physical therapists use these tools as training devices.  

Types of hand exercise tools and their uses:  

1. Hand Exercisers 

Rehab Store has products that provide resistance hand strengthening and devices that improve finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. We have contracture cushions, finger ladders, arm exercisers, palm grips and cones, hand exercise balls and much more from leading manufacturers including fabrication enterprises, performance health, north coast medical etc.  

2. Finger Exercisers 

Arthritis, injuries or stress can cause pain and weakness in the fingers. Finger exercisers help in building finger strength, endurance and dexterity. In order to restore the lost flexibility finger exercise tools like Hand shuttles, thumb exercisers, finger platters, graded pinch exercisers can be of great use.  

3. Grip Strengthening Exercise Tools 

Improve tactile stimulation with our stacking cones and play with the hand putty to increase hand muscle strength. The theraputty tools can be pushed, pulled or turned through putty to produce specified exercises.  

4. Therapy Putty 

Therapy putty is widely used by physical therapists and occupational therapists to improve finger and hand strength. Theraputty proves to be a great hand strength rehabilitation tool for people who are recovering from an accident, sickness, surgery, stroke, or for those with other illnesses that reduce muscle tone and grip strength.  

5. Exercise wheels 

Ease upper body workouts with Shoulder Exercise Wheels. It is an ideal tool for anyone who needs upper body exercise at low cost. It helps in toning your abs, shoulders, arms and the back. 

6. ROM Exercisers 

Arm and Shoulder Exercise Skates are designed to improve ROM of wrist, arm, and shoulder of patient. They also help in building coordination, manipulation, endurance and sequencing skills lost to the injury or disease. Hand skateboards are progressive mobility products used for gaining upper body strength back. Browse through our wide collection of arm and shoulder skates from top-selling brands like Patterson Medical, Bailey, Brandt, etc. and many more.  

Where to buy best hand therapy tool online? 

At Rehab Store, we have a fine collection of devices that will help increase your finger and wrist strength and dexterity. We have equipment and work stations that have been designed to increase motion, strength, coordination and endurance of the whole body.  

We also offer plenty of other hand-strengthening tools, like shoulder pulleys, that help in management of pain and improve the range of motion of shoulder and arm. They help improve the shoulder range of motion in patients suffering from arthritis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, shoulder bursitis, etc.   

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