Stoelting Brief Intelligence Scale Kit

Stoelting Brief Intelligence Scale Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: STOELTING
  • Made in USA

Stoelting Brief Intelligence Scale Kit includes a variety of problem solving tasks increasing in complexity and difficulty. It is ideal for measuring the intelligence of children, adolescents and adults who have been difficult to evaluate. It is completely nonverbal and does not require the child to read, write, speak or listen to any material. Only the examiner pantomimes the instructions and the individual responds by pointing or placing a card in the appropriate position.

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37051 S-BIT Kit Each


  • Stoelting Brief Intelligence Scale Kit contents:
    - Manual
    - Easel Book
    - Response Cards
    - One package of record forms
    - Attractive carrying case
  • Manual contents:
    - Complete administration and scorring instructions
    - Description of the standardization sample
    - Complete normative data
    - Extensive studies of internal consistency, test-retest and decision-consistency reliability are provided
    - Research studies on construct, content and criterion aspects of validity are extensively described
    - Test information curves and item-bias studies based on item-response theory
  • Indications:
    - Aphasia
    - Dyslexia
    - Deafness
    - Autism
    - Cerebral palsy
    - Head injury
    - Neurological impairment
  • Age Range: 6 to 21 years
  • Time required: 15 minutes
  • Difficult to evaluate:
    - Cognitively Delayed
    - Disadvantaged nonverbal or non-english speaking
    - English as a second language (ESL)
  • Speech or hearing impaired
  • Restricted Use Level B

More Information

  • A Rich Diagnostic Instrument:
    - S-BIT provides both norm-referenced and criterion-referenced scores for IQ, Fluid Reasoning and academically important subtests
    - A in about 15 minutes
    - Caled-scores for each sub-test identify specific strengths and weaknesses
    - Prcentile and age equivalent scores are also provided for easy understanding
  • Measures Fluid Intelligence:
    - S-BIT emphasizes fluid intelligence, the truest measure of a persons innate intelligence, since it is not significantly influenced by the level and quality of an individuals educational, social and family experience
  • Exceptional Assessment Range:
    - S-BIT measures well beyond the I.Q. range of other tests
    - 30 to 170, exceeding that of TONI-3, K-BIT and WISCI-III.Highly Correlated With Traditional Intelligence TestsS-BIT correlates 0.85 with WISC-III Full Scale I.Q. and 0.94 with the Leiter-R
  • Norm-Referenced Scores Plus Criterion-Referenced Growth Scores:
    - Criterion referenced scores measure a child;s ability, independent of their chronological age. The unique growth scores enable educators, for the first time, to chart incremental improvement over time
    - Subtest growth scores provide valuable diagnostic clues to aid educators
    - Both item and ability scores have been scaled based upon rasch item-Response Theory scaling. This provides meaningful information about the childs abilities, rather than focusing on deficits
    - Progress can be charted in a manner that is meaningful to professionals and parents
  • No Cultural or Language Bias:
    - Psychometric studies on Native Americans, Hispanic, and African American groups show the S-BIT to be fair for all cultural and ethnic backgrounds
    - Development and Normative Information:
    - S-Bit was standardized on 984 typical and 562 atypical individuals, ages 6 to 0 to 20 to 11, using a national stratification plan based on the 1993 census statistics
    - Nationally representative proportions of individuals who are Caucasian (non-Hispanic), Hispanic-American, African-American, Asian-American and Native-American were included
    - The standardization was carefully constructed to accurately represent the individuals age, gender and sociao-economic status


S-Bit Subtest

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