Ecowise Premium Fitness Ball

Ecowise Premium Fitness Ball

Brand/Manufacturer: AGM GROUP
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Ecowise Premium Fitness Ball improves alignment, stability, core strength and flexibility of body. It is made from non PVC and burst resistant material. This fitness ball has textured surface that provides additional gripping.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
85500-Bulk 45cm, Sunflower Each
85501-Bulk 55cm, Honeydew Each
85502-Bulk 65cm, Cherry Each
85503-Bulk 75cm, Ocean Blue Each


  • Ecowise Premium Fitness Ball is latex free
  • PVC free
  • Phthalates free
  • Chloride free
  • Tested to hold static weight up to 1000lb
  • Inflates easily with a straw

More Information

    Do not use high pressure compressors to inflate exercise balls. The maximum pressure is only 2 PSI. Use one of the 4 options listed below to inflate you exercise ball:
    - Use a 2 PSI compressor
    - Use a hand pump
    - Use a plastic straw
    - Initially use a compressor
    - When the ball is almost full, change to a hand pump or a straw

    - Inspect the floor surface prior to starting exercises and remove any objects that may cause the floor surface to be uneven
    - Inspect the exercise ball to see if there are any abnormalities or punctures
    - Inflate the ball to your desired size
    - Empty your pockets and remove items such as your keys, cell phone, and belt from your person
    - Have a certified therapist/personal trainer on scene to monitor your exercises
    - Clean the exercise ball with a damp cloth after each use
    - Stretch the way your certified therapist/personal trainer recommends
    - Replace the exercise ball as soon as there are signs of wear and tear or an uneven/punctured surface
    - Start exercising without first inspecting the floor surface
    - Start exercising without first inspecting the exercise ball
    - Over-inflate the exercise ball past its designated size
    - Start exercises with full pockets or while wearing a belt
    - Leave the exercise ball unclean after use
    - Clean your exercise ball with any chemicals or cleaners
    - Use your exercise ball for anything besides stretching exercises (e.g., standing on/jumping off ball, combined lifting/weight-training exercise, etc.)
    - Start exercising if there are signs of wear and tear or an uneven/punctured surface
  • Note:
    - 1. EcoWise Therapy Exercise Balls are made of burst-resistant materials and are not puncture-proof. They are not warranted against punctures, but designed to protect against sudden deflation upon puncture
    - 2. EcoWise Therapy Exercise Balls are only to be used for stretching exercises to improve flexibility. It is not recommended for combined usage with body/arm weight-lifting training, for standing/jumping off of balls, etc
    - 3. Under normal conditions, we recommend replacing your fitness ball at least once a year. For commercial/institutional environments, replacement may be required sooner. It is the responsibility of the users and/or facility instructors to inspect the ball before each use


HeightBall Diameter
4''3" to 4''6"45 cm
4''8" to 5''3"55 cm
5''4" to 6''0"65 cm
6''1" to 6''7"75 cm

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