Enabling Devices Grip and Puff Switch

Enabling Devices Grip and Puff Switch

Brand/Manufacturer: ENABLING DEVICES

Grip and Puff Switch is a pneumatic switch that is activated by slightly squeezing the vinyl grip or by puffing on its mouth tube. It is perfect for those with severe mobility challenges.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
700 Grip and Puff Switch Each $4.92


  • This pneumatic switch is activated by slightly squeezing the vinyl grip.
  • Can be used with this Grip Kit. 
  • Comes with blue grip only.
  • Weight: ½ lb.
  • Requires 1 9-V Battery.

More Information

  • The Grip & Puff Switch does not require any batteries to operate.
  • Simply connect the Grip & Puff Switch to any switch adaptedtoy/device via the black cord included.
  • Now you are ready to go. Simply grasp and squeeze the blue vinylgrip to activate your toy/device.
  • This is a momentary switch. Therefore, you need to maintainpressure on the grip to keep the toy/device activated. Once yourelease the pressure, there will be a brief delay, and then thetoy/device will turn off. If you would like to use the switch as a Puffswitch there are a few more steps.
  • Remove the blue vinyl grip by separating the clear plastic tubingwhere the white plastic union joins it. Keep the plastic union with theblue vinyl grip.
  • Attach the Anticontamination filter (the small disc) to the end of theclear plastic tubing. Next, attach the small piece of wider clear plastictubing to the other end of the filter. Finally, attach the straw to theend.
  • Some extra tubing and another piece of “connector” tubing has beenincluded if you want to extend the length of the clear plastic tubing.
  • Now place the straw in your mouth, close your lips around it, and puffmoderately to activate your toy/device.
  • Again, this is a momentary switch. Therefore, you will need tomaintain a constant puff on the straw to keep the toy/deviceactivated. Once you stop puffing, there will be a brief delay; thetoy/device will turn off. 

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