Califone Got It Interactive Wireless Student Response System

Califone Got It Interactive Wireless Student Response System


Califone Got It Interactive Wireless Student Response System is the most comprehensive educational technology for the classroom environment which brings the interactive functionality of the computer to the classroom environment. It is designed to take advantage of the teachers existing lesson plans and maximize interactive learning opportunities for students, creating a more stimulating environment that actually encourages students to participate.


  • Califone Got It Interactive Wireless Student Response System requirements:
    - PC (desktop or laptop)
    - Pentium 4 class CPU PC (or PC)
    - Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or PC)
    - 512 Mb RAM
    - USB port
    - 10 GB hard drive
    - Microsoft Office 2003 SP1
    - Internet Explorer 6
    - SVGA display
    - Large screen display or high-resolution projector
  • Creates a more active learning environment by increasing interaction between teacher and students
  • Easy to learn and convenient to use, no need for teachers to grade the papers or analyze exam results
  • Customize content to meet individual curriculum
  • Eight statistic reports effectively reduce the teachers workload by providing performance reports for each individual student and overall class progress
  • Cost effective system, only one computer required; no multiple hardware or network administration costs

More Information

  • Activities:
    Offers a wide range of interactive instructional activities, through 6 main interactive modes. Each time an activity is run, the system will enter the response records into its database automatically:
    - Ordinary Quiz: Got It, presents prepared teaching materials in various question formats. Student responses and class statistics can be compiled for assessment purposes
    - Competition Quiz: Got It, presents test questions in a competition style presentation, with students or groups of students attempting to be the first to answer each question
    - Buzz-in Quiz: Similar to the competition quiz, however, only the first student to buzz in will be called upon to answer the question. Knock Out Game: Students who answer incorrectly are disqualified from answering further questions, ultimately resulting in a single “winner"
    - Prompt QA: This is a pure vote-tallying mode, with the instructor dictating the question for immediate response
    - Pick Out: This is used to pick out a student at random to answer a question. It is useful for individual or group surveying
    - There are also Presentation, Grading, Polling, and Survey modes and an additional “On The Fly" activity mode which enables the instructor to insert questions spontaneously within a lesson, making it easy to adapt to current learning situations Generating Reports Got It! provides six different types of reports to analyze students responses, progress, and to generate a range of statistics and activity reports with the data being interchangeable with the Excel CSV format
    - Summary Report displays the overall answering times and detailed response data for each student
    - Grade Report is a report card that provides parents with information regarding students learning results
    - Activity Detail Report will display the number of correct responses, the rate of correct responses, and the contents of each question
    - Historical Report is useful for tracking learning curves of individuals and classes
    - Comparison Report displays a comparison of students' grades for a particular subject or lesson
    - Semester Report compiles and prints mid- or final term results for all activities
  • Teaching Materials Preparation:
    - High-efficiency EAS files: The new EAS teaching materials file format speeds up information access. An EAS file is exclusively used in Got It, for storing question sets “ the questions, answers, and the multimedia attachments
    - Rich Text format: Supports Microsofts Rich Text File (RTF) format, making it easy to import and export MicrosoftWord and other documents
    - Multiple display templates: Got It, offers a variety of display templates covering a wide range of categories and graphic styles
    - Multiple testing formats: With Got It, testing materials can be presented in a wide range of formats, including single choice, multiple choice, true/false, Q and A, presentation, buzz-in quiz, competition quiz and more
  • Multimedia Support:
    - Got It, supports most common media formats, including WAV, MID, MP3, JPEG, BMP, GIF, Flash, WMV, HTML, hyperlink, etc
    - MS Excel equation editor support: Support for Microsoft Excels equation editor enables instructors to integrate graphing, mathematical formulas and more into teaching materials
  • Multiple Controller Support:
    - Supports simultaneous multiple controllers, including IR remotes, standard mouse, electronic whiteboard, touch display, remote pen pal, and remote pointer

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