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CPR Global Technology aims at breaking down social isolation and reducing the pressure on emergency services by deploying community-based technology. Its cutting-edge GPS location tracking phone watches and heart rate sensors are currently being deployed throughout the healthcare community. CPR is the world's leading manufacturer of landline Call Blocking technology. Its products are currently distributed globally. Its in-home smart monitoring sensors are assisting aging communities to be safer, connected and as a result, living longer at home.

Some of our Awards & accreditations

  • Police Preferred Specification Award
  • The Queen's Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2018
  • Export Excellence Award 2017
  • The Voice of Technology Enabled Care Award
  • Growing Bussiness Award Amazon
  • Fast Growth 50


Boosting Community

Our mission is to strengthen the connection between Local Authorities (LAs), Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Individuals, Businesses and Charities to create dynamic self-sufficient resilient communities. By enhancing the cooperation between LEAs, LAs, and citizens through the deployment of smart wearable devices, CPR strengthens community resilience. These wearable devices and their associated data provide a unique telecare solution that uses data to profile risk in order to support LEAs, citizens and community partners. This form of Telecare no longer isolates individuals and no longer increases the pressure on emergency services. It is cheaper than current solutions and outcomes are better for the end-users: this is sustainable. CPR are able to provide LEAs and LAs with a new model and shared framework of governance that supports closer cooperation for more effective, more efficient and more inclusive Telecare. The citizen-centered approach supports the combined protection, safety, security and well-being of communities. It also supports a more collective, community-based, shared ownership of large-scale, collective risk: this is what resilient communities are about. This Telecare model embraces the benefits of technology while meeting diverse community needs. This new and sustainable citizen-centered has community trust and confidence at its heart, with the ability for two-way flows of information and communication to allow for a greater understanding of the problems and issues faced by individuals. By working with citizens and community stakeholders to arrive at a full understanding of their concerns, targeted interventions and solutions can be agreed to keep local community members safe.


Why Choose CPR Global?

CPR is growing our company in a way that reflects our values and connects our business decisions to community needs. ​ CPR develop our products in close relationship with protective agencies and businesses worldwide. Providing simple, low cost and effective life-enhancing solutions are what CPR Global Technology is all about.


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