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Cardio is an exercise which includes walking, running, swimming and others exercises. Cardio exercises don’t require any gym machines, these workouts can be done indoors and outdoors both. Cardio exercises are the best way for fitness. 

What is Cardio Equipment?  

A cardio workout is an effective way to burn calories and fat from the body. Cardio equipment is used, to do cardio exercises. It gives your heart and lungs a workout and increases blood flow. Rehab Store has home physical therapy equipment from manufacturers like Dynarex Corporation, Drive Medical and many more. 

Why cardio is important? 

Cardio benefits your body in many ways, it makes you fit and healthy. It is good for the heart, lungs, and overall fitness, in the long run. some of the few benefits are-  

Types of Cardio Machines 

Rehab Store offers you all kinds of cardio equipment to boost your fitness and help you stay healthy. Exercise machines are of different types such as full body workout machine, leg workout machines, back workout machines, etc. Some types of fitness equipment Rehab Store have-  

  1. Ergometers – Ergometers act as cross-training products for strength and cardio, designed to improve upper body strength. These wheelchair-accessible platforms offer active, independent resistance on the upper and lower cycles. It has an electric motor to track your time, speed, calories & pulse.   
  2. Exercise bike - Exercise bikes are used as bicycles for indoor use. Like a traditional cycle, an exercise bike has pedals and seats but has one wheel. Many physiotherapists use exercise bikes to treat their patients as it is very effective for body movement.  
  3. Treadmill - The treadmill is the most commonly used cardio workout machine. It works for two major cardio exercises, which are walking and running. A treadmill provides a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor or a flywheel. The belt moves and helps the user to walk or run at speed matching the belt. It is connected to an electric motor to track your speed & calories.  
  4. Stairway or Steppers – A stairway is the same kind of machine as a treadmill. In the stairway, the conveyor belt is designed as stairs. It works as cardio exercise climbing the stairs. It also tracks the speed and calories burnt during the workout.  
  5. Rowers - Rower is a multi-functional machine, and it works as leg workout machines, back workout machines, and arm workout machines. It works as a full-body workout machine. Rowers are also attached to the electric motor to count burnt calories.  

Things to remember while using workout machines 

Working out is the best option to be fit and healthy, but working out inattentively may cause injury to the person. For maximum benefit, you will need to engage in cardio activity for at least three days every week but with some precautions, such as- 

  • Avoid wearing loose clothes during workout  
  • Read all the instructions before use  
  • Speed up gradually  
  • Use the exercise machine step by step  
  • Always start with body warm-up  

Buying Guide for Cardio Equipment  

  1. Space for exercise machine – Cardio machines come in different sizes, some of them are of larger sizes and some are small. Find an exercise machine which is small and compactable depending upon the space you have. Measure your space before making the purchase and buy accordingly. 
  2. Maintenance of the cardio equipment – Having different sizes, their maintenance also varies depending upon the size and the type of cardio machine. Like some machines require regular lubrication, and some need anything big. Buy a fitness machine that requires less maintenance. 
  3. Budget friendly workout machine – Some of the cardio machines are multifunctional but are very expensive for your budget. Prefer a workout machine which fulfills your workout needs and comes in your budget. If you look for a basic machine it can be available at a low price and a high-end machine will be on the costlier side. 
  4. Purposeful exercise machine – Cardio machines are available for all body parts like Leg workout machines, Back workout machines, or a Chest workout machine. Some cardio machines come for multipurpose, they have the option to use in multiple ways. Buy cardio equipment according to your requirements and needs. 

Where to buy Cardio Equipment? 

Shop now from Rehab Store, for safe and secure workout machines that fulfill your purpose of being fit and healthy from reliable manufacturers like Power Systems INC., Vive Health, Fabrication Enterprises, Patterson medical/Performance Health, and many others. 

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