Krown KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System

Krown KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System

Brand/Manufacturer: KROWN

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Krown KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System provides a complete reliable source for deaf and hard of hearing individuals to be alerted during emergency situations. This system connects up to three audible alarms such as fire or smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, home security systems, weather alerts and any other audible alarm into one monitoring system. It is a fully wireless system that is easy to install.


  • Krown KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System includes:
    - Alert receiver (KA300RX): Wireless link up to 100 yards
    - Bed shaker receiver with vibrator (KBS300RX): Strong bed shaker for heavy sleepers
    - Transmitter (KA300TX): Place on any detector such as smoke, fire, OH2 Carbon, security, etc
    - Battery backup
  • Designed to fit small, medium or large scale buildings and is an ideal product to make a hotel, dormitory, apartment, home or office accessible
  • Built in time condition signal filter helps to eliminate false alarms
  • Designed to manage 1,024 different codes that are directed into 3 channels
  • Also available (separately):
    - Krown Wireless Transmitter (Code K-KA300TX)
    - Krown Bed Shaking Receiver With Vibrator (Code K-KBS300RX)

More Information

  • How It Works:
    The KA300TX transmitter connects directly to the existing alarm.When activated, the KA300TX sends a wireless signal to the KA300RX sound and strobe receiver and the KBS300RX, bed shaker receiver. Both the KA300RX and the KBS300RX receivers function with both an AC power adapter and a 9Volt battery backup in the event of a power outage. The KA300RX sound and strobe receiver is equipped with ultra-bright LEDs that will alert while the KA300RX is functioning solely on the back up battery.
  • Alert Receiver (KA300RX):
    - Wireless link up to 100 yards
    - Powerful Strobe light - 17,000mCd
    - Audible Siren, upto 120dB
    - 1,024 different codes divided to three distinct channels
    - 3 color LED channels: yellow, green and red
    - Kit for hang the system on wall
    - Backup 9V battery
    - AC Adapter 110V Plug
  • Bed Shaker (KBS300RX):
    - Strong bed shaker for heavy sleepers
    - 3 distinct channels, all red LED
    - Backup 9V battery
    - AC Adapter 110V Plug
  • Transmitter (KA300TX):
    Transmit to KA300RX and/or KBS300RX (Bed Shaker)
    - Battery included


Particulars Dimensions
Working Frequency 433MHz
Transmitter Codes 1024
Receiver Memories 3
Display Channel 3
KA300TX (Transmitter) 65mm x 40mm x 17.5mm
KA300RX (Alert recevier)   130mm x 126mm x 58mm
KBS300RX (Bed Shaker) Receiver: 60mm x 97mm x 25mm 
Vibrator: 83mm diameter
KA300TX (Transmitter) 40gm
KA300RX (Alert recevier)   380gm
KBS300RX (Bed Shaker) Receiver: 100gm
Vibrator: 110gm
Operation Voltage
KA300TX (Transmitter) 3VDC
KA300RX (Alert recevier)   24VAC
KBS300RX (Bed Shaker) 12VDC
KA300TX (Transmitter) CR2032
KA300RX (Alert recevier)   9VDC Alkaline
KBS300RX (Bed Shaker) 9VDC rechargeable
Strobe Light 177mCd
Siren 95dB

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