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What is a Cast Cover?

Cast covers are usually a long sleeve that slips over the cast and protects it against water during bathing, showering, and even swimming. Waterproof cast covers come in different sizes and are specifically designed to fit an arm, hand, foot, or leg. Most cast covers feature a plastic gasket at the top that creates a tight seal to prevent water penetration. Shower covers are made from medical-grade plastic or rubber and are resistant to tears and punctures.

Cast covers are not limited to only protecting your cast but also protect wound dressings, bandages, catheters, PICC lines, shunts, stomas, burns, lacerations, and more from potentially dangerous moisture. Rehab Store offers high-quality waterproof cast covers that effectively seal out water so you can take a shower comfortably without worrying about your injuries.

Features and Benefits of Cast Cover for Shower

  • Protection: Keeps casts, bandages, and dressings safe from water
  • Quality: The shower cover is made from durable material and is abrasion-resistant
  • Economical: The shower cover is cost-effective and eliminates multiple dressing changes
  • Flexibility: The cast protector can cover virtually any body part needing protection from water
  • Reusable: The cast cover can be cleaned and reused and will last the life of the cast or bandage
  • Waterproof: The shower shield snugly fits around the cast or bandage and maintains a watertight seal
  • Ease of use: The cast protector is easy to apply, and there is no need to strap the Velcro or hook closure
  • Independence: The cast protector gives patients the freedom to take a shower independently and maintain personal hygiene
  • Safe: Most shower shields are latex-free and safe for use in persons with latex allergies. Furthermore, the cast cover does not constrict blood circulation

How to use a Shower Cast Cover?

  • Waterproof cast covers are available in various sizes and are also shaped according to the user's needs, such as for the elbow, arm, feet, knee, etc. Therefore, buy a cast cover keeping the above things in mind.
  • The cast covers are simple to put on. They just slide over the cast until the seal makes contact with your skin, like how you put on a sock.
  • Before using, read the product description carefully.
  • It is good to take cool showers, as hot showers can cause the inside of the shower cover to feel hot.
  • After you are done with the shower, remove the wound cover to allow the wound to breathe.
  • Remove the cast cover carefully to prevent the cast from shifting.
  • Clean the shower cover by following the manufacturer's care instructions.
  • Discard the damaged cast cover and replace it with a new one.

What is Cast Padding?

Cast paddings are padded materials used before the cast is applied to protect joints, bony prominences, and other pressure points. They conform well to the contour of the limb, provide cushioning and a layer of protection to the plastered wound, and keep the skin in the cast dry and comfortable.

What is Undercast Padding used for?

Cast padding is the second layer of the cast application process. Undercast padding is integral to any casting process; it adds comfort and protection to the cast. Cast padding is placed over the top of the stockinette. A casting pad prevents irritation and chafing and facilitates the healing of orthopedic fractures and other injuries. Without padding, walking around with a cast would be uncomfortable and unsafe.

There are sterile and non-sterile varieties of undercast padding available, depending on the need. For surgery and post-surgery application, sterile cast paddings are used to prevent infection and further damage to the wound. Non-sterile padding is suitable for splinting and casting applications where there are no wounds, sores, or surgical incisions.

Types of Undercast Padding

Rehab Store carries cast padding in different materials, including cotton, foam, viscose rayon, and polyester.

  • Cotton cast padding: Cotton is light and provides superior absorbency, keeping the cast comfortable and breathable.
  • Foam cast padding: Foam cast padding is durable and can be used for a variety of conditions that need protection. It can be used as a protective barrier around uncomfortable knee braces, added to casts and splints to reduce unwanted friction, or created insoles by trimming the foam padding to fit any shoe. Additionally, foam padding is used on the most common pressure points to absorb the impact of falls and collisions in contact sports.
  • Viscose rayon cast padding: Rayon is a synthetically made cellulose fiber that is thick, elastic, and highly absorbent. Due to its elasticity, It conforms well to varying body contours and allows patients to move freely. Rolyan Rayon Cast Padding is breathable, which prevents skin irritation.
  • Polyester cast padding: Polyester is lightweight, soft, strong, and absorbent, making it a great option for undercast padding. It is suitable for all types of cast material and is ideal for casting near sensitive skin or wounded areas.

Where to buy Waterproof Cast Covers online?

Rehab Store carries a vast range of durable and superior-quality waterproof cast covers and cast padding to protect your cast during recovery. We supply cast protectors from well-known manufacturers like Patterson Medical, McKesson, Brown Medical, and many more at affordable prices. Place your order with us today!

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