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What is a Bariatric Commode?  

A bariatric commode is a portable toilet chair that can be placed at your bedside or anywhere else. The commode chair is designed for people who are obese and have limited mobility for greater independence and safety. Generally, these heavy-duty commodes provide a weight capacity of 300 pounds or even higher. Rehab Store has multiple options of bariatric commode from manufacturers like Graham-field Health Products Inc., Drive Medical, Mjm International Corp Inc., and many others.  

Features of bariatric commode chair  

A bariatric commode chair is a basic requirement for obese people. It is usable on a daily basis; it has to be comfortable and convenient to use. Here are the benefits of using a bariatric commode chair-  

  • Bariatric commode contains a commode bucket that is easily removable for cleaning 
  • It has wide seats for comfortable seating  
  • These bariatric commodes have washable seats that are easy to clean to prevent infections  
  • Some of them can work as bariatric shower chair  
  • It comes with lower height for easy sitting and standing up  
  • It has a drop arm facility which helps in getting up from the sides also  
  • Some of the commode chairs facilitate 3 in 1 commode for multiple use 
  • Bariatric commode chairs are specially designed for obese people  

What are the types of Bariatric Commodes?  

Bariatric Commode effectively works for all patients with obesity and limited mobility. There is a huge variety of bariatric bedside commodes available in Rehab Store depending upon the patient's condition. Some types of bariatric commode chairs are-  

1. Static bariatric bedside commodes 

Static bariatric bedside commodes are basic commode chairs typically made from steel specially designed for obese people. They are strong and powerfully built with features like support handles, wide seats, and a smaller height. The lower height helps the patient to avoid bending down or climbing over the chair.  

2. Drop arm bariatric commode 

Drop arm bariatric commode comes with adjustable seat height; their arms may swing up or down or be removed. It has a platform seat that extends the length and width of the commode. This portable bariatric commode facilitates transfers of obese people.  

3. Rolling bedside commodes

Rolling bedside commodes are bedside commodes with wheels. This bariatric toilet chair is for people who can't walk or have mobility issues. This kind of commode toilet can be easily taken to any place and has locking casters to control the commode chair. 

4. Bedside folding commode 

The bedside folding commode is capable of folding up for storage or travel. This portable bariatric commode can be simply used indoors or outdoors. It requires no tool and assembles easily as it does not have too many parts, the same way it is very convenient to fold for storage after the use.  

5. 3 in 1 commode

This commode chair can be used in multiple ways to comfort patients. As the name suggests, this 3 in 1 commode facilitates as a bedside commode, raised toilet seat, and toilet safety frame when you remove the seat. This 3 in 1 commode has an adjustable height and is easily foldable to save space.  

Buying Guide for Bariatric Bedside Commode 

Some of the key points to consider before buying a bariatric bedside commode are.  

1. Foldable bariatric commode 

Commode chairs should be easy to carry and take along on any trip. Prefer a foldable bariatric toilet chair so they can be folded up and safely placed when not in use. Foldable Bedside commodes are also available on Rehab Store. 

2. Easy functionality of commode 

These bariatric commode chairs should be easy to function; they can also be required in urgency. Difficulty in assembling the chair may delay the process. Buy a folding bariatric commode that can be easily and speedily assembled for use; it should not be heavier or have many tools to complicate folding. 

3. Weight capacity of the commode 

These bariatric commodes are particularly designed for people with obesity. They are going to be used by them on a daily basis its necessary that the commode is strong and is capable of taking the required weight. The weight capacity of the commode chair must be sufficient enough to bear the weight of the person using it.  

4. Height and width of the bariatric commode 

Bariatric toilet chair will be used by those patients and people who have limited mobility, its height and width should be according to them for easy access and they can sit comfortably on it and conveniently use it. 

Where to buy Commode Toilet? 

Shop now for bariatric commodes from Rehab Store, it provides you with different varieties and multiple options for comfortable and safe toilet chair use. Rehab Store has products from top manufacturers like Duralife, Dynarex Corporation, North Coast Medical, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, and many more. 

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