Bariatric Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are an important part of bathroom safety as they ensure a safe and sound environment for the patient while showering or bathing. The bariatric shower chair, in structure, is the same as a standard chair with the added stability and strength that allows it to support a bariatric patient without slipping or drifting on the wet bathroom floor. These chairs have a strong seating surface and the legs are shaped in a way that they distribute the pressure and weight evenly. The legs of these heavy duty shower chairs have rubber pads on the bottom to provide extra grip. The frame of the chair is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of bariatric patients.

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Types of Bariatric Shower Chairs

The types of bariatric shower chairs are the same as other shower chairs, but each of them is equipped with features that aid bariatric patients:

  • Standard Bariatric Shower Chairs - Involves the basic idea of a bariatric shower chair with a supportive seating and a sturdy frame.

  • Folding Bariatric Shower Chairs - These chairs can be folded and used whenever needed by the patient. They are also portable and can be used while traveling

  • Fold Down Bariatric Shower Chairs - These chairs are attached on one side to the wall near the shower and feature a drop down mechanism. They are for saving space in the bathroom

  • Rolling Bariatric Shower Chairs - These chairs usually have an added feature that allows them to be used on commodes as well. They can be rolled from the commode to the shower area and vice versa