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What is a bariatric shower chair?

A bariatric shower chair is specifically designed for obese people to sit on while showering. These heavy-duty shower chairs are made from hard material and are capable of taking the weight of obese people to safely take a bath without slipping and falling.

Bariatric bathroom chairs are necessary to prevent falls in the bathroom. Rehab Store has multiple bariatric shower chairs from top manufacturers like Mjm International Corp Inc, Graham-field Health ProductsDynarex Corporation, and many more.

Why bariatric shower chair is needed?

Obese people find difficulty in doing their routine work, bariatric shower chair is designed for their safety and convenience in the bathroom. Some of the reasons why this shower chair is needed-

  • They help in avoiding slipping and falling
  • Shower chairs provide comfortability and convenience
  • Obese people can spend more time on these shower chairs for better hygiene
  • It provides them a relaxing shower time

How does bariatric shower chair help?

A bariatric shower chair is very useful for people who are unable to stand or walk without support. It helps them bathe independently and safely. These shower seats have multiple features for them to take a shower without fear of slipping and falling. Features of shower chair for elderly-

  • Height adjustable legs for every person's height
  • Pored and drainable seats for dripping water from the seat
  • Non-slip mats to avoid slipping
  • Removable armrests for standing and sitting with a support

Types of bariatric shower chair

The bathroom is considered to be one of the most risky places for seniors, obese, and people with reduced mobility, there are more chances of slipping and falling in the bathroom. Bariatric Shower chairs are designed for those obese people, who find difficulty in bathing; it gives them comfort and safe bathing. There are various types of bariatric shower seats. Each of them is equipped with features that aid bariatric patients:

1. Standard Shower Chairs 

This shower bench has a seat and removable backrests and armrests, involves the basic idea of a shower chair with supportive seating and a sturdy frame. It's lightweight and easy to move, this shower bench is used by people who need a little support to work independently.

2. Folding Shower Chair 

As the name suggests, these are folding shower chairs for anywhere use. Elderly people require a shower stool everywhere they go, these chairs can be folded and used whenever needed by the patient. These portable shower chairs are ideal to use while traveling as well.

3. Fold Down Shower Chairs 

These shower chairs are compact and attached on one side to the wall near the shower with the feature of a drop-down mechanism. These shower stools are designed to save space in the bathroom. Patients can put them up to use and drop them down after bathing.

4. Rolling Shower Chairs 

This type of shower chair with wheels has a multifunctional purpose, they usually have an added feature that allows them to be used on commodes as well. They can be rolled from the commode to the shower area and vice versa. These bath chairs are used by people with limited mobility.

Buying guide for bariatric shower chair

Shower chairs are used by obese people who need support, and to prevent them from falling, it is important to buy a suitable one for them. Here are some of the bariatric shower bench ideas to consider before purchasing a bathroom chair.

1. Adjustable height of the chair 

Some bariatric shower seats come at a set height, while others have adjustable legs. Adjustable legs can be used to change the height of the shower chair. Choose a bariatric chair that has enough height to sit and stand comfortably.

2. Weight limit of bariatric chair 

Bariatric shower chairs come with heavy weight limit to be used by obese people. Generally, bariatric shower chairs have a weight limit of 250 pounds (113 kg). Make sure the bariatric chair's weight limit is sufficient enough to bear the weight of the person using it.

3. Backrests and armrests of the chair 

Every bariatric shower bench does not have backrests or armrests. But many shower stools come with removable armrests and backrests. Prefer buying a bariatric bath chair with a backrest or armrest for better support while standing up and sitting.

4. Hand grip on the chair 

bariatric shower chairs must have a proper hand grip to properly hold the chair and prevent the person from slipping; it will help them to stand and sit with a firm grip on the chair. Make sure they have a firm, non-slippery hand grip for proper hold while using the bariatric chair.

5. Optional accessories for the chair 

A bariatric shower stool is a very comfortable choice for obese people, and to make it more comfortable and convenient, some accessories can be added to it, like a soap holder, chair commode, or a grab bar on the wall to pull yourself up to stand and hold to sit down.

Where to buy a bariatric bath chair?

Rehab Store offers various bariatric shower chair with wheels for safety and comfortable bathing for elderly, diseased, and obese people. Buy these heavy-duty shower chairs from reliable manufacturers like Mabis Dmi Healthcare, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Convaquip Ind. Inc, Drive Medical, and many others.

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