CanDo 10 Inches Band Exercise Loop

CanDo 10 Inches Band Exercise Loop

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The CanDo Exercise Loop is a 3-inch stretchy band already shaped like a circle. You can use it for different exercises and therapy to get stronger and more flexible. There are seven levels of stretchiness, so you can pick the one that's right for you. It helps you get stronger and move better. Unlike other bands, this one is already in a loop, so you don't have to cut and tie it yourself. It's safer because if you lose your grip, it won't snap back and hurt you. There are different sizes for different people.

Why Choose CanDo Band Resistance

  • Textured Grip
  • Lightweight Make
  • Compact and Portable
  • Convenient Dispenser Box
  • Broad Range of Uses

Item # Desc Pkg Price
#10-5251 Yellow, X-Light Each
#10-5251-10 Yellow, X-Light 10/Pack
#10-5252 Red, Light Each
#10-5252-10 Red, Light 10/Pack
#10-5253 Green, Medium Each
#10-5253-10 Green, Medium 10/Pack
#10-5254 Blue, Heavy Each
#10-5254-10 Blue, Heavy 10/Pack
#10-5255 Black, X-Heavy Each
#10-5256 Silver, XX-Heavy Each
#10-5257 Gold, XXX-Heavy Each
#10-5259 Set of 5 (1 Each: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black) Each

CanDo Band Resistance Features

  • Big packs of resistance bands that you can cut to the length you need
  • Good for gyms and places where they help people with exercises
  • Useful for physical therapy and getting better after an injury
  • Great for all kinds of exercises to make muscles stronger and toned
  • Helps you stretch your muscles and get better balance
  • Works for both upper and lower body exercises
  • Comes in eight colors, each showing a different level of toughness
  • Designed not to break easily with a special formula
  • There's an option with less powder to make less mess
  • If you're allergic to latex, there's a latex-free option
  • It stretches like latex but is made from a different material

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When to Use CanDo Exercise Loop

  • Balance improvement
  • Lower- and upper-body toning and strengthening
  • Lower- and upper-body stretching
  • Group exercise
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation therapy

User Guides

Can Do Band Exercise Loop User Manual
CanDo Exercise Loop Exercise Manual

Tips for Fitness Loop

  • Be careful picking the right loop size and resistance for your exercises.
  • These tips are just suggestions and don't replace your clinician's advice.
  • Warning: This product has latex, which might cause allergies.
  • Check the loop for cuts before using it. If it's damaged, don't use it.
  • Like any workout, your muscles might feel sore at first. If it lasts too long, talk to your clinician.
  • Stop exercising if it hurts.
  • If you're new, try the exercises without the loop first, then add it later.
  • Stand properly during standing exercises to keep your balance.
  • Be careful not to bend your joints too much while exercising.
  • Breathe regularly and don't hold your breath during exercises.
  • Do exercises slowly and under control. Don't let the loop snap back.
  • Use the loop your clinician recommends. If it's too easy, ask before moving to a tougher one.
  • Take breaks between sets and don't overdo it.


Color Resistance Level
Yellow X-Light
Red Light
Green Medium
Blue Heavy
Black X-Heavy
Silver XX-Heavy
Gold XXX-Heavy


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