CanDo Half Round White PE Foam Rollers

CanDo Half Round White PE Foam Rollers

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CanDo Half Foam Rollers are ideal for positioning, balance, postural and muscle retraining, spine stability, body awareness, coordination, and range and strengthening. CanDo Half Round White PE Foam Rollers is a terrific tool for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. The bottom of these half rollers has integral skin after being cut or fully extruded. These half-round rollers' round and flat surfaces have a textured or "skin." Large adults and active children can utilize the foam because it is durable.

Why choose CanDo PE Foam Rollers?

  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces injury and speeds up recovery
  • Half rollers are great to use for ankle stretching and knee rehab
  • Designed for beginners and Professional Athletes
  • Made up of white polyethylene (PE) foam


Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
#30-2117 3" x 12", Slim - Non Textured Surface Each $0.17
#30-2116 3" x 36", Slim - Non Textured Surface Each $0.65
#30-2113 4" x 12" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.21
#30-2112 4" x 36" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.75
#30-2111 6" x 12" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.25
#30-2145 Half-Round, 6" x 18" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.35
#30-2144 Half-Round, 6" x 24" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.39
#30-2143 Half-Round, 6" x 30" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.41
#30-2110 6"x 36" - Non Textured Surface Each $0.83
#30-2118 Half-Round, 6" x 48" - Non Textured Surface Each $1.09
#30-2341 Half-Round, 6" x 12", Full-Skin - Textured Surface Each $0.37
#30-2340 6" x 36", Full-Skin - Textured Surface Each $1.09

CanDo Half Foam Rollers Features

  • Half Round White PE Foam Rollers provide moderate firmness
  • It is used for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation or as a rocker board by standing on the flat side
  • Foam rollers are strong and durable enough to be used by large adults and active children
  • It can be used alone or with other exercisers, such as CanDo exercise band, tubing, weights, and balls
  • Improve your balance, strengthen your core, and increase your flexibility with foam rollers
  • Great to use for physical therapy, yoga, exercising, stretching, or resting
  • Make push-ups, planks, and other exercises more challenging using round rollers
  • Available in round or half-round styles and lengths from 12" to 48"

When to use CanDo Half-Round Rollers?

  • Used in Balance & Core Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Rehabilitation
  • Massage

What are the advantages of using CanDo White PE Foam Rollers?

  • Increase range of motion:
    • Foam rollers can help increase the range of motion when used properly and consistently.
    • Studies have shown that foam rolling combined with static stretching could increase the range of motion more than stretching alone.
    • Range of motion is vital for flexibility and performance, and foam rolling and stretching will provide the best results after each workout.
  • Reduces injury and speeds up recovery:
    • Foam rolling can be useful in preventing sports-related muscle injuries.
    • Foam rolling puts pressure on the tissues and releases trigger points, reducing pain.
    • This is ideal for runners, who often suffer from shin splints and other problems caused by tight fascia.
    • Find out your most problematic areas and target them with foam rolling exercises.
  • Ease muscle pain:
    • Foam rolling can be beneficial for reducing inflammation and easing muscle pain.
    • After an intense workout, one thing that is commonly experienced is muscle soreness.
    • The self-myofascial release can treat this muscle dysfunction by applying direct pressure on the affected area.
  • Improves posture:
    • Slouching is natural when one spends a good chunk of time in front of a desk or a steering wheel.
    • Sitting for extended periods can cause muscles to tighten, and foam rolling can help loosen them and boost blood circulation.
    • Foam rolling on your spine is a great way to straighten out rounded shoulders.

What to buy with CanDo Foam Rollers

How to use a Foam Roller?

Foam rollers are designed to help alleviate sore muscles and can be an effective tool for pre-or post-workout. It enables users to get a deep tissue massage. To reap maximum benefits, one should use the foam roller properly. Following are the steps when using a foam roller:

  • Start with laying on the roller to a position between the ground and the muscle group you want to target.
  • Slowly roll your body back and forth on the top of the roller by lightly applying pressure using your body weight.
  • Start with light pressure and increase the pressure as you get used to foam rolling.
  • You can adjust the pressure by reducing the body weight put onto the roller.
  • If you feel any trigger points or adhesions, spend a little more time working on those tender areas.
  • Little pain and discomfort are expected but stop using it if it is too painful.

What exercise can be done with CanDo Half Round White PE Foam Rollers?

  • 1. Gastroc Calf Stretch:
    • To start, place the ball of a foot on the apex of the half roller, drop the heel all the way to the ground, and straighten that knee.
    • Step forward with the opposite foot and hold for a few breaths. P.S. If you can’t bring your foot all the way forward, take a smaller step.
  • 2. Soleus Calf Stretch:
    • Once in the Gastroc Calf Stretch position listed above, bend the knees while keeping the heels down of increasing the load on the soleus and Achilles tendon.
    • Hold for a few breaths, then repeat on the other side.
  • 3. Double Calf Stretch:
    • Put the balls of both feet on the top of the dome, dropping the heels (feet forward and pelvis-width apart, knees straight).
    • Then place your hands on the seat, trying to bend mostly at the hips, not the spine.
    • Lift the tailbone if you can and hold for a few breaths.
    • Do this often throughout the day and follow it with a thoracic stretch.
    • Perfect moves for the office.
  • 4. Click-clack on the dome:
    • Start by sitting on the flat side of the half-roller (round side down), bending your knees until your feet are flat on the ground.
    • Holding your shins just below the knee, lean back until your arms are straight, and keep your ribs down.
    • Keeping the arms straight and the ribs down, tilt your pelvis forward and back to move your lower spine.
  • 5. Dome pullover:
    • Lie on your back, straightening your legs along the floor.
    • Pressing your hands into the ends of the half some, squeeze your elbows toward each other (tight shoulders may make them want to poke out to the right and left).
    • Keeping the ribs down, lower the dome overhead, only going as far as you can, keeping the elbows squeezing in and without letting the ribs lift up toward the ceiling.
    • Then bring it back up to the starting position. Repeat fifteen to twenty times, going slow.


Style Diameter Length  
Half-Round   4" (2" Height)   12"
Half-Round 4" (2" Height) 36"
Half-Round 6" (3" Height) 12"
Half-Round 6" (3" Height) 18"
Half-Round 6" (3" Height) 24"
Half-Round 6" (3" Height) 30"
Half-Round 6" (3" Height) 36"
Half-Round 6" (3" Height) 48"


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